Could Lobo and Empress rekindle their relationship?

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Okay, assuming that everyone knows their DC Universe- and more importantly, Young Justice- history here, you know what I'm getting at. For those of you who are new to the original run of the Young Justice series when it was just a comic (and not a TV show) allow me to explain:


During the Sins Of Youth arc, Klarion the Witch Boy and his familiar Teekl managed to transform most of the world's superhuman population in the varying stages of age, at the orders of the evil organization, Agenda. The Justice League became teenagers, the JSA were reduced to kindergardeners, and all the teenage heroes (Young Justice, Lagoon Boy, Stargirl, Argent, Damage, etc) became adults. Thankfully, this was resolved and everyone was returned to their proper ages. However, one person remained a teenager, as he was one of the ones that Klarion changed, and wasn't on Earth at the time, as Klarion had specified. That was Lobo, the Main Man himself. Returning to Earth to soundly frag the Witch Boy, he was persuaded to spare him, and joined up with Young Justice when he discovered he would have to age like normal, and decided that teaming with them was the best thing for him until a better deal came along.


And that's when he met Anita Fite, better known as the Vodoun mystic, "Empress."


Although he wouldn't admit it for a while, Lil' Lobo (as he had begun calling himself) was smitten for the New Orleans native from the get go. After some prodding from the others, and some hypnotherapy from Impulse (in order to keep him in a gentlemanly demeanor), Lobo finally got up the courage to ask Anita out on a date and, surprisingly, they hit it off quite well. Over the course of the series, the two shared a pretty platonic relationship, which is surprising considering Lobo's former nature. However, it didn't last for long, as the moment the Imperiex War began, the team found themselves on the frontlines, after a mission to rescue the Suicide Squad ended with them crashlanding on Apokalips. Ambushed by Parademons, they were swiftly captured and, while Lobo managed to fight most of them off, he succumbed to their assault, and was killed by the Black Racer. However, this wasn't the end for him, as he resurrected as an army of Lobo-clones from his very blood, and unleashed Hell on Apokalips' forces. In the aftermath, only two survived. One grew up the be the Lobo we know today, while the other, the runt of the litter, remained with Young Justice as Slo-Bo until Darkseid struck him down with the Omega Effect.


And in this, we have our question.


The Lobo that exists now in current continuity is that very clone that survived the battle on Apokalips, and as such, retains all of Lobo's previous memories up until his "demise," which in turn, lead to his birth. So, wouldn't that mean that is love for Anita still remains?


Here's the question then: Do you think that Lobo and Empress could ever rekindle their relationship, and get back to the way things were? Or, do you think that too much time has passed, and that they might not be able to get that old spark back?


Personally, I'd like to think that the Main Man would still have enough passion in his heart for Anita to give it another shot, all things considered. Still, what do you guys think?

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I really really doubt it

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Lobo is The Baddest Fragger Around, and even He has a Heart...

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