trodorne's Lobo the Duck #1 - Fraggin Wauugh! review

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 Writer: Alan Grant
 Letter: Bill Oakley
 Color: Francesco Ponzi
 Pencil: Val Semeiks
 Inks: John Dell, Ray Kryssing

    Hey guys and girls, this is part 2 of my 5 part marathon that ive been meaning to do. sorry im late on all of this just been busy with moving everything to a new province in canada to freeze my ass off in the tundras of Winnipeg. so what better to warm up my butt than frag in all directions, but i know you guys are thingking i would probably be doing a review on a michael bay movie. nope but damn near close and just as funny. Lobo the Duck. this was one of the few comics back during the 80's event of amalgam comics, where the two companies marvel and DC merged temporarily to make strange characters by mixing their popular onces together and for some reason we got lobo the duck... i don't know.. so lets just do it..

The Story


      The story starts off with Lobo waking up under a pile of rubble, where he lights up a cigar and looks around, he then remembers the battle that ensued in the city from Thanoseid and Green Skull. he goes one to monologue about the battle and looks around for other heroes that might have survived but happily there was none. Lobo goes and does what lobo does, drink and be merry, or sally.
     Im a fan of this character although it was a temporary story, the character itself was a mixture of two anti-heroes and down right degenerates. Howard the duck who can be a real porn star duck and for some reason a politician. and Lobo the space bounty hunter who cares not for the law, or safety of other peoples internal organs. Alan Grant who did work on the lobo series as well as various batman issues did a great job melding the two characters together into this one flapping feather freak. 
    Though the story was anything but gripping, it was definately an action piece but the dialogue and humor put out by this makes it a funny story to read. Overall i give the story and the characters a 4 out of 5. its a great read for those fans of good old fashioned humorous violence. rated PG.

The Pretty Colours


    The colors and ink and vibrant in a 90's classic like this. and that much can be said for anything in that decade. lots of colors and very bright as well. when there is dark areas which they want to fill in they will not hold back on the black ink. but it is very bright colored and it should be if your expecting explosions left and right. 
    The character designs can be strange at best but based on the art itself from that time it should be expected. especially Lobo the duck who has one muscular arm and the other is super skinny and cartoony.  the women were given full figure of course, as this comic was like a ode to the violent male philanderer. which was probably why i enjoyed this comic.
   Overall, not much to talk about in the way of the art. the 90's were not my favorite of art styles, but if i had to pick a comic that i could read again from that time, Lobo the duck would prpbably be in the list somewhere. still can't top scarlet spider. but i digress. the art i have to give a 3 out of 5. its average but i would give it lower but based on what it does and how well it works with the story or something around that regards it does a good job at that. 

Overall Thoughts


    The Story and character development, the story was okay as it acts like a first issue but plays and tries to act like continuing issue. The characters are funny and the writer seemed to have fun with this and did not take this comic to seriously, and for good reason. Lobo the duck is a solid laugh and is a true
    The art here in this story is not fantastic in my taste if i say poor at that. sure the women were great to look at as they were meant for the sexual objects in this story for lobo. I love the use of Impossible man as Lobos dog and having him transform into the old characters, breaking the 4th wall of that universe by showing who each character originally was. its interesting and helps me keep going to the end.
     Overall the comic gets a 3.5 out of 5. it was a fairly well done series. with a great blend of two characters that blend in great together, though i can honestly say i never read much of lobo in the past. this issue alone makes me want to read the actually series from the 90's if i feel like stomaching it. 
     For everyone else there is mastercard, but if your not old enough to have a credit card or have bad credit rating i would suggest just picking up this issue if you love the violence, and more of adult humor. If this comic is not enough to give into your needs of cartoon violence, might one suggest upgrading to the expendables. but until then ill be back for part 3 of 5 of my marathon reviews. stay tuned.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

Lobo the Duck? Lobo...The Duck? I really really really wish this was an elaborate joke sadly it is not I don't know why but something about this concept just disturbs me on a cellular level. That being said Great review very in depth not sure if I could ever give a comic like this above one star just because the concept just bothers me that much that no matter what they do with it it just can't be good in my eyes so hats off to you for being able to use a critical eye for this comic 

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