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Lloyd and Jimmy Sundermann are brothers who share more than just family ties.  Jimmy lives as a sort of parasite within his brother Lloyd.  Lloyd was very protective of Jimmy and would do anything Jimmy asked of him.  The two boys had a sister once, but Lloyd killed her when Jimmy was displeased at the amount of attention their parents gave her.   
When a group of comic creators (Steve Niles, Rob Kirkman, Messy Stench, and Skottie Young) announced they would be taking the golden-age character, Wunderkind, and giving him a modern, darker edge, Lloyd and Jimmy decided the only way to preserve the memory of their favorite superhero would be to kill the creators who would make the changes.   
After Steve Niles is killed, Cassie and Vlad investigate the comic convention in Philadelphia.  Messy Stench and Rob Kirkman are quickly killed and Cassie decided to use Skottie Young as slasher bait.  As Vlad patrols the outside, Lloyd shoots him with blowdarts filled with sedatives.  Inside, Jimmy tried to stab Skottie Young but is stopped by Cassie.  When Lloyd enters, he is able to get the upper hand long enough for Jimmy to take shelter.  Lloyd comes close to killing Skottie Young but Cassie shoots him in the head.  Jimmy leaps out and tries to strangle Cassie with Lloyd's intestines but he is stopped by Vlad who beats him with a Wunderkind action figure. 

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