Why the Lizard is the Best Choice for a Spiderman Movie Villain

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Indeed this a response to G-Mans article where he shares his personal opinion of the Lizards role for upcoming Spiderman film and what one would probably expect within the new Spiderman film. By the way no disrespect intended, just felt like writing something about the Lizard.

Spider-man and Lizard

Of course my first selection of a film villain would go to Kraven, Mysterio, or even a rehash of Dr. Octopus. But after hearing that this film was introducing the Lizard as it’s primary antagonist, I knew that this film was going to get personal and that it was going to strongly revolve around Peter Parker becoming a hero and also facing the difficult challenge of fulfilling responsibilities as both a hero and a young man who must make the right choices, even when facing the most difficult decisions. Also noting how this upcoming film was adding classic Spiderman elements to the modern age, because of that I strongly believe that Lizard was an outstanding selection for this Spiderman reboot.

This is the classic Spiderman that I grew to respect when reading the first issues of the Amazing Spiderman comics during the 60’s, was when we see Peter Parker spend most of his fighting on doing the right thing as both an individual person and a superhero, an over-whelming burden that had me truly become inspired.

For example where we see Spiderman’s heroic career become extremely difficult all thanks to J.Jonah Jameson having New York City believe that the young hero was a menace, wanting to quit his heroic campaign after facing his first defeat in the hands of Dr Octopus, and even struggling on finding a job so that he could pay the bills when he could just simply rob a bank with his new spider-powers.

And then we have the Lizard, a threat who of course gave Spiderman one hell of a difficult challenge when realizing that this isn’t a costumed threat or the average menace he finds himself naturally facing, but an innocent family man that Spiderman is forced into fighting against. It even became more of a personal challenge for the hero after both Spiderman and Conners became close friends to where even the young hero grew to admire Conners,…now one should imagine how it isn’t an easy battle when going up against a threat who’s such powerful and respectful ally for Spiderman. Even knowing that the whole "power and responsibility" motto finds itself coming into play in this type of situation for Spiderman when trying to make the "right" choice is something that has helped build Spiderman into becoming one of the most loved and inspirational heroes as he is today.

I personally don’t expect the Lizard to have the same screen time as Spiderman does within this upcoming film nor would I demand this film to have any Lizard related storylines like Shed or Torment despite what type of elements are presented within the film, but to see the relation between Spiderman and Curt Conners that makes this Lizard threat become an extremely difficult challenge for Spiderman to face and show the audience that sometimes making the "right" choices can be extremely difficult. Because like the original Spiderman titles, it isn’t all about the villains that should make the story or film great, but the importance of their appearance and how it would help develop the hero’s character.

Agree or disagree, but unlike the other known villains the Lizard does hold an importance to Spidermans career and one would have to dig up the past to find that type of relation.

Also seeing how I’m writing about the Lizard, check out my Lizard video where I go through his history and explain why the Lizard is indeed a very important villain for Spiderman.

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Interesting point.

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