B-Rated Badguy: Lizard Review

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My short film about the Lizard, with SHED coming to an end and despite my negative reviews at first, Im actually excited to see how the SHED would end. 
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Wow this is great and I did not know this much about Lizard. Also what movie program do you use it is really good. I hope you make more.

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I was about to use a program that was already installed into my computer, but it wouldn't be that good. When I researched on how to do make movies, I found the second best program, which was adobe creations. I had to too delete all my games to install it and for it to run smooth. Its an advance software and also quite expensive, It took me a week to figure out the basics, im still learning so, so the video's I put up here are actually just for practice on my editing and acting. 
I have a whole lot of skits and episodes in mind.

-Bullseye review 
-Sideshow collectables 
-B-Rated Characters in Marvel 
-Marvel Masterpieces (collectable cards) 
-Me vs Dance Dance Revolution for Wii (which im doing this week) 
-Punisher review 

-A couple movie reviews 
-Vlad the Impaler
-Marvel vs DC 
-and a special, and im still thinking if it should be my longest, Dark Reign ( which I have every comicbook of) and the royal disappointment known as Seige #4, Im practicing my acting, my rants, and my lines for that one single comic, and im going to explain in every single way why that comic was probably a huge letdown.  
-and comic reviews like you two do

If you plan on getting adobe, try to get both movie editor and picture editor so you can cut out the pictures and use them in your film. Also you can get a green backdrop so you be in the film with a different background, im still trying to find one for myself.

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Nice review
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MT I still don't know how you do it, but it is poetry, do you take requests?

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