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Dr. Elizabeth Shaw is a civilian scientist forcibly seconded to become a member of UNIT. Liz is beautiful scientist and she assisted the Doctor while there. She is an expert on meteorites. She had several disciplines including medicine and physics. Liz was drafted from University of Cambridge by The Brigadier as a scientist advisor to UNIT. Liz worked with UNIT and Doctor. Liz met the Silurians, Cybermen and others.

Major Story Arcs


Master and Liz

The Doctor and the Brigadier go to visit the committee responsible for funding UNIT. Master arrives and hypnotizes Liz into telling him everything she knows about the Doctor. He makes Liz forget he was ever there and leaves. Later, Liz resign from UNIT and return to Cambridge.

Return to help

Liz occasionally returned to help UNIT and the Doctor. Later she traveled in the Tardis with the Doctor and Jo Grant. In 2003 with the Doctor investigation into a lunar base and survey in Agent Yellow. Liz falls ill has the contagion of the virus Agent Yellow. UNIT 2010 mentions her.

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