Was protege really more powerful than LT?

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If that's true then LT is surpassed by a celestial. Scathan > Protege > LT

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yes he was

he could simulate any cosmic force thus he made himself equal

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That makes no sense... the LT was made to be Marvels judge. Its not anyones place to be stronger than him other than the creator

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just took this off from the page of Protege, forgot which specific issue, here's what happened apparently;

"Protégé claims to have become not the new Living Tribunal, but the new One-Above-All (the Tribunal was later retconned as a mere manifestation body‎). It was the Celestial named Scathan The Approver who saved all realities by judging against him. The Living Tribunal then absorbed Protégé into itself to prevent him from endangering all realities again."

so yeah LT > Protege i guess

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Look at this in a different way toaa is the god of the marvel universe and its been shown that he shares the attributes of any biblical god intervening when he sees fit the lt is his right hand and the lt also has the same outlook as to intervening they are both all powerful another example is when the lt refused to nullify the infinity gems he HAS the power to but he chose to to intervene until later when he took over and made the infinity gauntlet pretty much just a shiny powerless glove toaa created everything seeing as he is present in everyone multiverse meaning there is only one so would he allow something to take his power and defeat him? common sense says no would the lt allow someone too take him over common sense says not classic illusion of ultimate power that confuses comic book readers

common sense has spoken

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yes he was

he could simulate any cosmic force thus he made himself equal

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Protege stronger.

Protege > Living Tribunal

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