Living Tribunal movie anyone?

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i think he should have his own movie, the conflict would probably be the best part of the whole movie.......
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That's mentally handicapped.

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A live action movie with the Living Tribunal in it? It would be interesting, but they would probably mess it up. LOL

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That would be the worst..

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@Sexy Merc said:
" That's mentally handicapped. "

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @Sexy Merc said:
" That's mentally handicapped. "

thats so stealing that
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the only possible threat to him would be TOAA or a pre-retcon beyonder, and given how all three characters are relatively unknown i doubt they would make them a movie

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uh this would be weird
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how would he... how would he fight? Lol and if he did how would they perform a battle on that scale? they had to make galactus into a gaint dark cloud lol how would they make him?

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I want like to see more about his College years as a basketball player. Plus I want to know whether he wears ties plus why he has a purple doorag. So yeah, I'd be game for a LT movie. Make sure its AO as well, cause you know, this ain't be a movie for kiddies, pregnant woman or the elderly and infirm. 

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@SC:  he's a 3rd street saint
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I can't even grasp what LT would look like in live action.....well I can, but they all look Really stupid.

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A movie with the Living Tirbunal would be really cool and interesting but it probably woun't ever happen because as we all know there is only one Living Tribunal in the whole Marvel omniverse and each Marvel tv show and Movie series is consider it's own universe and is part of the Marvel multiverse so I don't think the Living Tirbunal ever appear in any Marvel tv show or any movie.

But hay if they do find a way to have the Living Tirbunal in a movie I would love to see that or though I don't think The Living Tribunal being the protagonist in his own movie (Though I can see Galactus being the protagonist in his own movie) reasons?

Well because it would be really boring and like what U R Sofa King We Todd Did said "the only possible threat to him would be TOAA or a pre-retcon beyonder"

Though I can see the Living Tirbunal as a supporting character, as a main character...... not so much.

Though if they do find a way to have the Living Tirbunal in a movie as the main protagonist and have someone like the Beyonder as the main Antagonist I would love to see that, though the result would probably be like the Green Lantern live action movie LOL!

Though I do have a question.......... Who would play him?

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I'd say, if making a Living Tribunal movie is the goal, make a She-Hulk movie first, then have the Living Tribunal appoint her a 'lawyer' of the general universe around her, have it take her around the universe defending various people/aliens, with the Tribunal as the judge and executioner if necessary. Justify it as something along the lines of the vast changes Earth (and the corresponding species their actions effect, like the warning post-Avengers scaring various alien species) has offset the Tribunal's usually unfailing judgement: The universe has fundamentally changed with the arrival of the superhuman, and their actions thereof, so the Tribunal needs someone to ensure it is just in it's judgements. She-Hulk can be the audience surrogate for the movie, and it could introduce to all kinds of new sites of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, end the movie with She-Hulk returning to Earth, so the status quo is maintained.

There. A buddy movie type thing with the She-Hulk and Living Tribunal. Off the wall bonkers, yes, involving some B.S. lowering the power of the Tribunal so the story can work, yes, but I'd watch it.

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If there was a movie about LT, they should make him 500 feet tall and have HUGE MUSCLES.

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Although, I probably shouldn't reply so seriously to this thread, I will anyway.

Comic book movies have not yet figured out how to do cosmic entities. Every one has sucked - hard. Parallax? Disaster. Galactus? Worse. The "best" we've seen is what? Malekith? The dude who "JUST WANTS TO THE DESTROY THE UNIVERSE BWAHAHAHAH!!" (but gets his ass kicked by Thor's mommy). Or Maybe Loki's alien army of incompetent fodder? So awesome.

Frankly, I'm not even that optimistic at Thanos' chances of being done well, until proven otherwise.

And we're (as far as film powers are concerned) not even talking galactic level entities. The concept of universal and multi-versal concepts is barely not-convoluted enough to work it comics and would never work in a movie.

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No but maybe after the Avengers Infinity war Part 2 maybe they put Living Tribunal in a movie?

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