Can he come back

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what can u do with this  guy

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Technically, they did bring him back in Marvel Age Spider-Man #7; it was basically a more modern re-telling of the original story, but they still brought him back for that issue all the same.
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@crimeking23:  maybe say his knowledge grew so great he was able to figure out who several heroes were and sold the information for robot-upgrades maybe like Sentient body or something created by the Mad Thinkder 
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@crimeking23: Does the Living Brain really qualify as a "he"? and not an "it"? robots like that are pretty much 100% genderless! But you're right, The Living Brain was a formidable opponent and could eventually become clever enough to go head-to-head with pretty much ANYONE! Maybe even Thor, the Hulk, The Silver Surfer and Sentry!
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He's part of the All- New Sinister Six in Superior Spider-Man

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