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What if Livewire/Leslie Willis gain her own ongoing comic series that
will not only feature her, Iron Munro and other characters, but it will
also be one of DC's 52 relaunch/revamp titles (with Static not gaining
a new one until much later on down the line)?

What would happen if Livewire did a lot of community service jobs
in Metropolis for her past actions and Munro became something of
a parole officer/guidence counselor to Leslie with permission from
the law?

What happens if the series deals with Willis redeeming herself and
making amends for what she'd done to the people around her? What
sort of stories do you all think would/could take place in that series?

How many people, in and outside of comics, do you all think will buy the Livewire series?

Finally, who do you think would be the writer(s) and
artists of this comic book series if it ever got made?

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If we get some good writers and artists into it I'd buy it... But I doubt this would ever happen.

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@Zemu6: I'd rather have a Lois Lane or Mr. Mxyzptlk series.
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@Zemu6: I honestly prefer Livewire as an out of control super villain like she was originally depicted as on TV, prefer her old costume over that hand me down from Superman too. I honestly wouldn't find a series about her a heroine very interesting, I like her as a villainess too much

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@Zemu6: Live Wire might be too proud to become a hero but you never know...

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Sounds pretty interesting...Sort of like "Breakout Kings" only without the terrible 2nd season with the killing of off a character nobody liked or a random ass love interest that is generic, stupid and annoying. But yeah, I'd totally read that.

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No. Create a new Livewire & have her work with Powergirl to learn to be a hero. But keep villains as evil villains.

In fact, she, Mercy & Harley should form an evil team of female villains to face the JL or the Birds of Prey

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