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Origin of the Sisters of Eluria

The Little Sister of Eluria where an understanding in the time of Arthur Eld. They cared and nurtured the weak and sick. After some time the Head Sister was to be replaced and the heir turned out to be Sister Alejandra. A smack in the face to Sister Mary, whom was the eldest and had great respect from the other sisters. She nonetheless accepted the decision. The Sisters of Eluria where called to a mining-camp where there had been a cave in. The sisters once again nurtured the wounded, but this time Sister Mary was called to a strange place inside the mine. She eventually found a chamber with statues looking like the Gods she worshiped. This however turned out be nothing further from the truth. The statues where those of Dark Gods, an it was not soon after sister Mary went meditating there that she was corrupted by the Dark Gods. She was turned into a vampire-like entity and started corrupting each and every on of the Little Sisters. After that, they began to feed on the townspeople. The strange stories about the mining camp soon came to the attention of one of the Gunslingers from Arthur Eld, named Bertrand Allgood (most likely an ancestor of Cuthbert Allgood. During a meeting before, Bertrand Allgood and sister Alejandra became somewhat romantically involved and he was hoping to find out what was going on the mining camp. Bertrand soon found the place almost deserted but did find Alejandra. He tried to rescue her, but she was changed already as well. She managed to held her desire to kill off long enough for Bertrand to escape and make sure the townspeople where warned for the Evil Sisters. Bertrand Allgood came back with a small army of town people, hoping to change the Sisters back to their human nature, or kill them when not possible. But the Sisters where nowhere to be found and where not seen again.

Meeting Roland Deschain
Time passed for many, many years and nothing was heard from the Little Sisters of Eluria for some time. That was until Roland Deschain entered Eluria where he was first attacked and nearly killed by mutated people but was 'rescued' by the Sisters. They nurtured him back to health, but intended to feed on him as soon as he was recovered. Luckily for Roland, he had picked up a Cross of "the man named Jesus" (of course referring to Jesus Christ) witch he found in the town of Eluria before he was attacked. He had putt it around his neck and so the sisters where unable to come to close to him whenever the sing of Jesus was visible. However, plans where made to make sure the Sisters could feet off of Roland. He was kept week by poison in his food and could not move at all. The situation seemed hopeless until one of the Sisters, Sister Jenna turned out be still a good person. She had only joined the Sister years later, and at first did not know of their evil nature. Sister Jenna was turned into a vampire-like creature ass well, but remained pure at heart and managed to help Roland get better through weeds witch nullified the effects of the poison. Sister Jenna even helped Roland escape, killing 1 of her Sisters in the process. She told Roland that she was in love with him and wanted to finally leave this evil place, knowing full well the consequences. A proof of Sister Jenna's pure soul was seen that, even though she had become a vampire-like creature, she could withstand holding the Jesus Cross for some time. Making their escape, Sister Jenna and Roland met the other 3 sister witch they managed to get away from, but Sister Mary was hot on their tail. Sister Mary found the two and was ready for the kill when suddenly a dog, wearing the Same Jesus Cross turned up and bit of Sister Mary's head. After that Roland and Sister Jenna fled as far as they could. They rested on a hilltop, where Jenna asked Roland to kiss her. Being a Nun, she had never been kissed before, and so, while clumsy, the two shared their first kiss as lovers. Jenna told Roland that she was happy to have felt true love before her end. Roland didn't think much of her "before the end" sentence, and so, the two of them rested at the top of a hill until the sun came up. Roland was dreaming, and heard a scream, but not in his dreams alone. When he woke up, Sister Jenna was gone, save her close. She had seemed to evaporate into thin air. However, the bells she had been wearing around her head where still ringing. And though said, Roland knew that Sister Jenna was in a better place. The whole long road to his next destination Roland could hear the bells ringing, looking behind, but never seeing a soul, knowing it was Jenna whom woke over him.

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