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Pre-teen Tommy Rodgers decided to wear a costume and fight crime as Little Boy Blue when he overheard his father, District Attorney Dan Rogers, talking about how hard it would be to bring in a mobster named Wolf Lupo, with the star witness missing. He got the idea from reading about Wildcat, who was starting his superhero career who got his idea from Green Lantern. He became the first third-generation superhero. Being a kid, Tommy was in the unusual position of being able to have a kid sidekick his own age. In fact, he had two. On his way to Lupo's lair, he picked up his friend, Tubby; and once there, a third, a wrong-side-of-the-tracks type named Toughy, joined in. After rescuing the witness (whom Lupo was holding prisoner), they decided to continue superheroing as Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. They wore similar blue costumes, except for Tommy's red hood and boots. Some point later, he and his Blue Boys acquired a female teammate who called herself Little Miss Redhead.


Years later Tommy retires from superheroing, gets married and has a child of his own. His son finds his father's old costume, along with a diary to explain their significance. He got together with Tubby and Toughy's sons when Dr. Light looks for ever-less formidable foes to challenge (only to continue being a loser and a joke). Dr. Light was defeated by the new Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys.

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