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One of the Faithful

Lisa Hendricks was by her own admission proud to be a member of the Acolytes(making her marriage to a human suprising). She one of the few people to survive the zombie outbreak. She seemed to have some degree of seniority with the Acolytes as she was the one who was instructed to look after the Black Panther when he came aboard. She had an instant attraction to him. The two later married and had one child T'Channa.

A young Lisa with T'Channa

Long Live the Queen

After Fabian Cortez died, T'Challa took control of the surviving humans making Lisa his queen. The two look after their grandson named K'Shamba along with Forge the child's maternal grandfather. It was later revealed that K'Shamba and his wife were murdered in what at the time appeared to be an accident but in fact was a murder attempt by Malcolm Cortez. Lisa Hendricks was one of her husbands allies who was in aggrement with Forge on banishing the Acolytes.

Lisa witnessing her husband becoming a zombie
The king is dead

When one of Acolytes attempted to assasinate her husband the Wasp turned him into a zombie. With the hunger rising in her again she tried to eat Lisa. T'Challa managed to fight back the hunger to save his wife from the Wasp and himself. But the Wasp and Panther then devoured the assasin. The Wasp and Panther were later put in confinement to "cure" themselves of the hunger. When they escaped with the aid of Forge and Reynolds, Lisa seemed hesisate to approach his husband now that he was a zombie.


When the Zombie Galacti reappeared after their 40 year abscence, Forge under orders of T'Challa hurried Lisa and T'Chamba abroad Asteroid M, along with the rest of the community. Reynolds put a forcefield up to keep the zombies at bay. This didn't last and the zombies broke through the containment. Just as Giantman was able to eat Lisa he realised he no longer felt the hunger.

Love Lost

The Zombies helped the survivors rebulid after their attack this however didn't last. Malcolm Cortez used the transdimensional teleport to banish the zombies along with T'Challa in an attempt to take control of the community.



Other Info

T'Channa or K'Shamba
Its not known if Lisa Hendricks has a counterpart on earth 616 if she does she is likely depowered.

Her son was originally named K'Shamba but as of Marvel Zombies 2 #3 his name was changed to T'Channa. Her grandson was given the name K'Shamba this is most likely due to an editorial error.

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