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As an infant, Lisa Beckman was baptized by Father Ortega. She grew to be a young girl, living in Massachusetts. She was bright, cute and innocent, and everyone loved her. So when the image of her tiny casket was plastered all over the TV, followed by her family portrait photo, the city was outraged. Phone calls flooded every police station by angry citizens demanding to know when the monster that killed her would be caught. Many callers offered creative suggestions on how to punish Lisa's murderer.

Then the World Series began, and almost everyone forgot about Lisa. When her uncle Joe confessed to her murder, it went with little notice. Joe Beckman's trial was unimpressive. The judge sentenced him to life. The trial was covered by the local new and sandwiched the verdict announcement between sports and a review of the new Stallone movie.  Charles and Sarah Beckman went about trying to rebuild their lives. They went on an extended trip to ease their grief.

When Charles and Sarah Beckman returned home, the house felt different. Things started to happen. Sounds at night. Objects moving. They heard a wailing, a child's voice. Eventually, nearly six months after Lisa's death, they were attacked in bed by an apparition. The Beckmans were being haunted by the ghost of their dead daughter.

Father Ortega was commissioned by the Beckmans to hire Hellstorm to exorcise their home. Hellstorm refused, disgusted that a man of god, who would normally denounce and oppose him, would seek him out to clean up his mess. However, Hellstorm eventually became curious and agreed to investigate. In the Beckmans house he encountered Lisa's ghost, from which he learned the truth. Hellstorm brought Charles Beckman into the house and accused him of abusing and murdering his own daughter. Charles told him he couldn't prove a thing, but Daimon told him he didn't have to as he mystically trapped Charles inside the house. Charles then begged him not to hurt him, to which Daimon replied, "Hurt you? Me? I wouldn't dream of it...I'm not going to touch you. In fact, I'm leaving...make peace with your daughter."

Charles face could be seen screaming and clawing at the windows as Daimon walked out.

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