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Lionel Jeffries was a respected surgeon who along with his brother, Madison, elected to sign up for service during the Vietnam War. Both brothers were mutants, Madison with the power to transmute mechanical components, while Lionel had the power to transmute organic matter. While on patrol, the squad of men they were with were blown up. Body parts were scattered everywhere. Lionel attempted to reconstruct and bring the squad back to life using his power, when he was unsuccessful in this, his mind snapped and he had to restrained by Madison. He then became a patient at the Montreal General Hospital.

Scramble, The Mixed-Up Man arises

While checking the Alphanex Computer, Heather Hudson became aware that Madison Jeffries had a brother she was unaware of. Believing that she should search for people with potential powers as her husband had, she took an Omiship and flew to Montreal to see Lionel Jeffries. She was under the misapprehension that he was a surgeon at the hospital and was surprised to learn that he was in fact a patient there. Unaware of his powers, she got too close to him, he managed to manipulate her body and effected an escape. The rest of Alpha Flight appeared soon after and found her badly mutated. Scramble, meanwhile, had gone on a rampage throughout the hospital, mutating staff and patients alike. Alpha gave chase, but found themselves confronted by these mutates. While most of the team fought them, Madison Jeffries pursued his brother and faced him in the morgue. A physical fight broke out and Scramble mutated Madison's body. While in contact with Madison, and because of their close ties, Scramble became aware of the defects within his own brain. He managed to restructure his mind using Maddison's as a template. Returned to a semblance of sanity, he undid the damage he had caused at the hospital, also promising to undergo tests to see if this return to sanity was authentic.

Following his discharge from the hospital, Lionel Jeffries had found it impossible to attain a post as a doctor at any hospital. So he had accepted the position as head doctor at a private clinic known as New Life. Alpha Flight had been taking injured and ill members to New Life, and Jeffries had almost become a kind of unofficial Alpha member. However he had also become a little more unstable during this time, when Alpha took their mentally disturbed member Roger Bochs to him. Scramble used Bochs paranoia to turn him against Alpha. He then used his own power to amalgamate his and Boch's bodies. The result of this union was the creature named Omega and it began an assault on Alpha Flight. Omega almost defeated Alpha, but during the course of the battle Roger Bochs returned to some semblance of sanity and started struggling from within. Scramble lobotomized Bochs to prevent interference, but the Purple Girl managed to take control of him. Madison Jeffries considered the fact that Scramble was always going to be danger to society and used the Box Armour's weapons to destroy Omega


 Transforming DNA

By making physical contact, Lionel has the ability to alter organic material such as flesh, blood and bone. He can alter a person into hideous creatures that command to his will or with a slight touch heal any wound instantly. He can combined dozens of people to make a powerful mutated monster that has made Box real in pain. He has even been shown to "see" brains compared to each other, and if he wanted to could copy each synapse to synapse using another person's brain as a template to untwist a damaged mind. He can alter his own body to whatever desired form he chooses and even transformed into the powerful Omega. He also has the power to mold a persons mind to his will

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