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Lionel Dibbs was born in Harlem, New York and grew up in poverty. He claimed to have regurlarly fought rats for his breakfast and loosing a younger sister due to insufficient heating in their tenement. He lost his hands under unspecified circumstances and sought treatment by Dr. Donald Blake (Thor). Blake would later discover his patient suffered from cancer and informed him of only having two months to live. He reacted by going to Stark Industries for a cybernetic prosthetic for his hand. Actually it was a built-in gun which could fire six rounds.

Lionel wanted to use his power to level the buildings in Johnson Street, Harlem. He had promised as a child to see this block demolished and no his deadline was reaching its end. Dibbs managed to knock out an amnesiac Black Bolt and stripped him of his costume. He handed the costume to his friend Roscoe, supposedly allowing him to emulate the powers of the Inhuman. The duo then went to demolish the buidings.

Dibbs and Roscoe were soon confronted by Gorgon, Karnak and Medusa. Thor joined the fighting on their side, not wishing to see his patient die. When Roscoe tried using the power of Black Bolt it overwhelmed him and killed him instantly. Dibbs was arrested and told to await trial in two months. He smiled as he was aware that he would not live long enough to enter a courthouse.

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