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Max Dowd was just 15 when he got his lion abilities . His parents were famous archaeologists who were trying to find a ancient tomb in Greece. The tomb was said to be secret prayer place for the Greek Gods such as Zeus and Athena. Max parents took him all around ancient Greece for most of his early life. When he got old enough to take care of him self he started getting tired of waiting around while his parents endured on their exciting adventures.One day, Max was left again while his parents set of into what they thought could possibly hold the tomb they had spent their whole life's work looking for. Max had heard it all before, so he decided to explore the side of the temple that his parents were not on. The temple was half collapsed and looked like it had been there since the beginning of time . As Max walked in side he noticed a flock of bats come storming out of a pile of rocks. As Max approached he noticed that there was a little door just big enough for a person to crawl into . Max pushed the rock aside and crawled into the door. He was shot down a slide like tunnel. When Max got to the end he was surrounded by giant golden figures that looked down on him.As he got up in aw by the beautiful statues, he noticed in the center of the giant hall was a giant lion . 10 times biger than the other figures , also golden . There was a little cushion in front of the huge creature . All of this looked as if it was untouched for hundreds of years. Max went up to it , and placed his hand on the lions front paw. There was a huge flash , and Max woke up in his bed very confused . Continuing his life assuming it was a dream. Soon he realized that he had super human abilities resembling a loin .He found that he could use them to fight crime and thats what he did. He soon took the name Lion Man and has fought against some of the most powerful super villains.


Lion Man has the power to summon lion like abilities . super strenght , super jumps , super speed, can controll most animals , turn into a lion ,Max can be a lion with out acually turning into one simalar to vixen's powers.

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