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Season One

Im awesome!
Lindsey went straight from The University of California, Hastings College of Law to the the Wolfram & Hart Mail room. Through hard work, dedication, and (of course) evil, he worked his way up to being one of W&H's most valuable Lawyers.  

Lindsey meets Angel when he pushes one of Lindsey's vampire clients out one of the higher floor windows in broad daylight. Form then on, Lindsey was devoted to killing Angel... even though the higher Ups at Wolfram & Hart wanted him alive.

Lindsey offered Faith a job and a chance to wipe away her murder charges to kill Angel. Faith accepts, but ends up breaking down emotionally and siding with Angel.
Lindsey isn't completely evil though. When Wolfram & Hart plan to kill three blind psychic children who pose a threat to the firm. Lindsey goes to Angel to help him save them, and the two form a temporary alliance. Afterwards, Lindsey was intent on leaving Wolfram & Hart... until he is promoted.


When Wolfram & Hart resurrects Darla, Angel chops off Lindsey's hand to stop him from burning a scroll he needed. Lindsey had to take on an artificial hand, a constant reminder of his hatred for Angel.  

Season Two

Kissing Darla.
Lindsey falls for Darla, and they have an odd relationship while she was still human. But when its discovered that she's dying from the same syphilis that she had 400 years ago. Wolfram & Hart bring in Drusilla to re-sire Darla in order to save her.  

Once she's a vampire again, the two go on on a killing spree that spawns the massacre of a majority of Wolfram & Harts Key staff during a party. Only Lindsey and Lilah Morgan (a rival lawyer) survived. As the only remaining members of the special projects team, the two fall deeper into their rivalry for power.
  When Angel lit Darla and Drusilla on fire, Darla came back to Lindsey, manipulating his feelings for her so she could recuperate. Darla gets wind of a powerful ring that a member of the Senior Partners who would be showing up for Wolfram & Harts 75 year review, she plots to steal it. However, Angel gets the ring first. Lindsey saves Darla from getting killed by security, but Darla later turns up with the ring. Lindsey then realized she slept with Angel. 
Lindsey ambushes Angel with his truck and a sledge hammer. But eventually Angel gets the upper hand and destroys Lindsey's fake hand and "borrows" his truck. Lindsey returns home from the fight to find that Darla had left him.

Lindsey's heartbreak and feelings of defeat carry over into his work. In an effort to recover his work to its former glory, Lindsey's superiors get him a mystical hand transplant. But the hand starts doing morbid things on its own.
Singing for Lorne
In an effort to find out what was wrong with his hand, Lindsey sings for Lorne, who can read peoples pasts and futures when they sing. Lorne in turn convinces Angel to help Lindsey uncover a mystical facility full of unwilling transplant donors. Lindsey realizes that one of his old friends from when he worked in the mail room was there, and that his hand wasn't evil, but suicidal, and pulled the plug on the whole facility. 
 After this realization, Lindsey leaves Wolfram & Hart, and Los Angeles.

Season Five

When Lindsey finally returns to Los Angeles,  he's surprised and upset to learn that Angel had taken over the LA division of Wolfram & Hart, when it took him years of hard work to become a Lawyer. He covered himself in mystical tattoos to hide himself from the senior partners.
Eve and Lindsey
Lindsey and Eve, Angels liaison to the senior partners, begin to plot to make Spike the candidate for the Shanshu Prophecy (a prophecy that for tells of a vampire with a soul becoming human again). They deliver Spike, body and soul, to Angel In Wolfram & Hart. Once Spike takes up Angels "defender of the weak" crusade, Lindsey comes to Spike, calling himself Doyle and claiming to get visions from "the powers that be" (an allusion to Angel's Doyle back in his first season).
As "Doyle", Lindsey sends Spike on various missions guided by his fake visions, including one to save Angel from a parasite that Eve placed.
protective tattoos go bye bye
When Cordelia seemingly returns to life, Lindsey's plans are put in jeopardy. Lindsey sends Spike to kill her, claiming she was possessed by Jasmine. He infiltrates Wolfram & Hart. When he learns that  Spike had failed, Lindsey intends to activate the Senior Partners' program meant to kill Angel if he turned against them. 

While Spike battles the zombie defenses protecting the creature meant to kill Angel, Angel and Lindsey face off in the chamber where the "contingency plan" is stored.  Lindsey displays the new abilities he has learned on his journeys, enabling him to keep up with Angel in a fight. Despite this, Angel finally beats Lindsey. As soon as he defeats Lindsey, his comrades complete a ritual dissolving the tattoos that protect Lindsey from the Senior Partners' wrath, resulting in him disappearing  through a portal.
The Portal lead to Wolfram & Hart's hell: a suburban  neighborhood with perfect families, where the condemned person was tortured every day in the basement. Eventually, Angel Spike and Gunn go to rescue  him for information they needed,  but Gunn had to stay in Lindsey's place.
Lindsey later reveals the existence of the  Circle of the Black Thorn. Lindsey tells Angel notes while he is sidetracked at Wolfram & Hart , the Apocalypse is already underway, and Angel and his team are becoming more and more corrupt by the day.

Lindsey and Angel ally once more in an effort to stop the Circle, Lindsey wanting to do it because he wants to be a part of history . The two agree to fight the upcoming battle together and leave Lindsey the possibility to take the L.A. office of Wolfram & Hart for himself afterwards.

You kill me? A flunky? Angel kills me...

Lindsey destroys a whole demon clan almost single handedly (with some help from Lorne). However, Angel knows Lindsey can never be trusted. Consequently, Angel secretly instructs Lorne to assassinate Lindsey once the clan was eliminated. Lindsey

insists to Lorne he has changed. But Lorne remarks that he can't change, shooting Lindsey twice in the chest. 
Lindsey dies outraged not only because he wasn't killed by Angel, but because he was killed by Lorne,  who he held little respect for.


  Lindsey is a legal lawyer, graduating from  The University of California Hastings College of Law, and passing the bar exam. He was smart and cunning enough to climb the corperate ladder (from male room clerk to a top executive) in the evil lawfirm of Wolfram and Hart.
  He has shown combat skills efficient enough to go head to head with Angel (possibly to a stalemate), and killed an entire clan of demons with almost no help.
 He is also a decent singer/song writer.

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