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Not much is known about Linda Kwan's time before she became a manager of public relations for Serval Industries.


Linda Kwan was created by Peter David and Carmine di Giandomenico in All-New X-Factor #1.

Major Story Arcs

Serval Industries

Linda working at Serval Industries

Linda Kwan became enlisted in the organization of Serval Industries, where she became the manager of public relations for the company. Linda worked very closely with her boss, Harrison Snow, eventually leading to an affair with her married boss. Although Linda tried very hard to keep this affair from her boss' wife, Snow's wife eventually told Linda very bluntly that she was aware of their relationship. Linda however remains part of the organization and helped form Serval Industries privately owned super-hero team, the All-New X-Factor.

Fun Facts:

In the comic-credits of the All-New X-Factor comic-book, Linda Kwan is always listed as Public Relations Manager for Serval Industries among the regular credits for the writer and artists.

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