Anyone else think Linda got screwed over?

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She's my favorite Supergirl there ever was. I feel like the writers screwed her over. First, they take her away from Superman for some BS reason (they just wanted Kara because she wears skankier clothing) then they up and decide that oh, she's gonna just stay in Hell. Okay DC comics, when the fans asked where Linda Danvers was they didn't want you to go and shove her into HELL just to get her out of the way! Does anyone agree with me on this? I mean sure--I like Kara and all but I feel like Linda should at least still be around as Superwoman (screw that new one). Plus, I am still emo about them taking away her baby girl -.-!

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i agree 
i have the "many happy returns" graphic novel, and i totally adored her character instantly  
i dont think its fair how dc makes really good characters then just forgets about them. i just hope linda gets reunited with her daughter 

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Kara and Linda both wear Mini-Skirts and Kara dresses Skankier?
 But yes i do agree with you.

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Kara's mini skirt is minier lol.

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At least they have it wear she wears bloomers now unlike in early Supergirl.

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bloomers suck. 
& yeah, if they want Kara, thats what Power girl is for. Or if they want a young skanky Kara as Supergirl, get rid of Karen Star, & have Linda Danvers become the new Power Girl. 
Two alternate versions of Kara Zor-El is NOT needed. So no, I personally do not blame Kara, after Kara WAS Supergirl, is the REAL supergirl, & got screwed over long bfore Linda Danvers was ever a stain on some page. Its Power Girl that is to blame.
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oh,yes i agree

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You can't skew over a character. Should say her fans were skewed over.

Thread has been dead for awhile.

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they want Kara as Supergirl, get rid of Karen Star, & have Linda Danvers become the new Power Girl.

yea i would like to see this. I would even let Linda keep her psychokinesis and maybe her earth born angel abilities. Not sure about the matrix abilities though. I actually expect them to bring her back in some way in the new 52. Even if it isnt to date Superman (which i would kind of like to see bc i think he should be with someone other than Lois) i could see her being a supporting character in the Supergirl series as well. She could essentially be a Martian Manhunter type of character for Supergirl

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@DEGRAAF: Linda's not coming back in any shape or form.

If she did, Maybe she should be Superwoman like what was planned before they were flushed down the drain.

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@Thorion88: Nope she's not coming back.
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@Primmaster64: And i don't care for the Supergirl name then. honestly just don't care for Kara unless she's Power Girl.

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@Thorion88: really? (about not liking anything but powergirl) I didnt expect her to come back but i would still like to see it happen even if she was just a recurring character without powers in one of the Super books (like maybe be a girl Superboy or Superman start dating)

I find it intrgueing that you like Powergirl more then young Kara, Supergirl, or Linda. I find her to be the most boring out of the whole Superman mythos. I will admit i liked her at the begining of JSA All Stars bc she reminded me of a military general controlling her troops but normally i find her dry and annoying

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I think you misunderstood. I like Linda Danvers by far as Supergirl over any of the other incarnations including Power Girl. Hell I probably wouldn't have minded Kara's reintroduction into the DCU a few years back if Linda was made into Superwoman, like what Peter David had planned out for her. But I digress cause if I do go on about that, then i'd personally start crucifying Didio's stupid bald head for the the amount of sheer head banging moments he's given me but moving on from that.

But let me make it clear, I've read numerous stories of the Kara Supergirl. both Pre-Crisis & Post Crisis and Honestly? I don't give two flips about her. I honestly don't. before COIE she was simply there, sure she was sweet and kind, but honestly she was just basically a teenage girl version of Superman with a weird relationship with a shape-shifting Kryptonian horse, and when she died in COIE I meet her death with a resounding "Meh" Hell I am firmly a believer that Superman should be the last Kryptonian, period. Sure Zod can slip by cause of the Phantom Zone Shenanigans, but aside from that,Clark/Kal-El to me should be the last biological survivor of Krypton.

Cause when you bring Kara back, you have to bring back Krypto, then mention Kandor's shrunken city held by Brainiac, and so on and so forth. it stains the Last Son of Krypton moniker and honestly makes Clark out to be flipping emo, over his "race" being scattered than wiped out. Especially if you bring in flipping Daxamites.

I maybe biased in this regard, since I did start reading comics in the 90's but I did go back into DC's history and found stories I did like. heck All of Mongul's stories Pre-Crisis & Hercules Unbound are among my favorite stories I've read from DC. But I think i can trace my dislike of it all back to Dan Didio, whom according to his own words, said that the previous Supergirl's prior to Kara's reintroduction into the DCU, never happened and that set me off. Of course Geoff Johns said otherwise, but it really paints a picture of how good DC's management skills are in that regard.

Also it didn't help with the fact when Kara was reintroduced, Darkseid was made out to be the biggest jackoff loser, this side of the cosmos in Loeb's "gripping" story telling, and that Kara for a good while was a whiny, little, brat who seemingly got her way and pulled random Silver-age powers out her butt before someone decided to finally try and make her likeable and an actually hero than a brat who complained about helping people.

I think when it comes to the PG Kara or SG kara, it's just reverse for me in comparison to you. Plus I just find the whole cryostasis/suspended animation thing to be major BS when it comes to dealing with the SG Kara being rocketed off krypton with Kal-El. Basically in short, I could rant on hours, on this and the million things tied to it.

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the problem is & always will be Power Girl. Either Kara Zor-El or Linda Danvers should have been retconned into being PG, just as Dick Greyson became Nightwing or Roy became Arsenal/Red Arrow.

There is no reason why Batman can have 4 Robins, 3 Batgirls, Arrow be on his second Speedy, yet Superman can only have ONE Supergirl & Superboy.

Cir-El, Matrix, they could even adapt Kara In-Ze. But no.

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