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New Identity

Linda Danvers is the daughter of Fred Danvers and Sylvia Danvers. She had a boyfriend named Buzz who subjected her to many questionable activities. Buzz turned out to actually be a demon and planned to use Linda as a sacrifice in a demonic ritual. Matrix intervened and stopped Buzz, but he had already slashed Linda's wrists. Matrix attempted to heal Linda's wounds using her shape shifting abilities, but she ended up being bonded to the young girl and transformed her appearance. In order to repay her debt to Matrix for saving her life she fought against demons as Supergirl.

Character Creation

Linda Danvers in the conver of Supergirl

Linda Danvers was created by Peter David.

Character Evolution

Linda in Reing in Hell

Linda Danvers was believed to have been retconned out of existence due to Superboy-Prime punching the walls of reality. However, Geoff Johns stated that Linda Danvers still exists, and that she'll make her return to the DCU in July of 2008. Linda has appeared in Reign in Hell, still being considered part angel despite having Matrix leave her before. She has been referenced as Supergirl in the mini-series, thus implying that her series remains in continuity.

Major Story Arcs

Being Supergirl

Linda gained vast abilities as Supergirl and no one suspected she was Linda, because Linda was a short brunette whereas Supergirl was a tall blond. Linda dedicated herself to fighting crime and demonic activity to make up for her past misdeeds. This was a confusing and eventful time for Linda; even more confusing however was the revelation that Matrix had become an Earth-Born Angel after rescuing Linda.

Lind Danvers first appearance was in the 1996 self title Supergirl.

Being an Earth-Born Angel

Earth born angel of Fire

When Linda became an Earth-Born Angel, she developed wings of fire and flame vision. She discovered that she could “ shunt” (teleport) in a S-shaped burst of flame. She used her powers to fight demons and dark gods, and even a fellow Earth-Born Angel, Blithe. Supergirl later fought a being known as the Carnivore. During the battle, Matrix and Linda were ripped apart and Linda was alone again. She still had powers, but at lower level than she had when bonded with Matrix.

Another new start

Linda becames Supergirl

After a long search, Linda found Matrix in the Amazon as a prisoner of the Demon Queen Lilith. Twilight, a New God, was blackmailed by the Demon Queen into guarding Matrix because she had her sister Jane as her prisoner. Linda fought with Twilight, but during the fight Jane was freed due to the damage their battle caused. Twilight, Jane, and Linda fought against Lilith and rescued Matrix, but during the battle Twilight was fatally injured. Linda asked Matrix to bond with Twilight and so she could save Twilight just as she had saved her. Twilight became the Angel of Fire and restored Linda's powers to their former levels before her separation from Matrix.

Meeting Kara Zor-El

Supergirl meets Supergirl?

When Linda Danvers arrives back in her hometown of Leesburg just as she is settling back in with her parents, they see something hurtling towards the center of town. Linda checks it out as Supergirl only to find another Supergirl. This Supergirl says she is Kara Zor-El. This so called new Supergirl claims to be a Kryptonian. Linda is not sure whether to believe her or not and as a result yells at the girl causing her to flee.

Linda spends the next several days chasing after Kara. Since then, Linda found Kara trying to push the world out of orbit so a meteor would not crash into it. Linda explains why she should not along with Superboy so she stops. Later Mr. Mxyzptlk was causing havoc at a parade, and Kara tried to stop him; as a result, she temporarily looses her powers and has to be saved by Superman. When she tries to explain who she is to him, he interrupts and tells her not to get involved thinking she was a crazed fan.

Kara became distraught and was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs by Linda and Superboy to find out if she was Kryptonian. The results were that she was a different 'breed' of Kryptonian. After this, Kara stays at Linda's house, and Linda decides to enroll Kara in the school where she is working. Eventually, they have an encounter with The Spectre who says Kara presence was disrupting the timeline and that she must die to die so the universe could be saved. Kara was terrified and resisted, but Linda calmed Kara down and sent her away. While Kara was gone Linda disguised herself and went in place of Kara to the pre-crisis era intending to die in her place.

Mrs. Superman

The Wedding

Linda arrived in the Pre-Crisis era at the feet of Superman on Earth-One. He asked her who she was and she came up with an elaborate story ,but Superman discovers who she really is. They had many adventures and Linda had been there three years doing what Kara would have done. Superman admits his love for Linda and the two of them get married and have a daughter together named Ariella.

The Sacrifice

...and is forced to send her to die

Meanwhile, there is a villain called Xenon who has a vendetta against all Supergirls from all worlds because one imprisoned him at the dawn of time. He goes to the post-crisis era where he captures Kara. Back in the Pre-Crisis era, Linda was confronted by The Spectre saying that it was not going to work with Linda dying instead of Kara.Linda agreed to return to her time and send Kara back as long as The Spectre ensured that her daughter survives. The Specter agrees and Linda is transported to Xenon’s palace. Linda confronts Xenon, defeats him, and rescues Kara. Shortly thereafter, Linda and Kara are transported to the site of the Kara's rocket. Linda and Kara immediately understand what must be done, but Kara is still afraid and begs Linda for a way to save the universe without her having to die.

Linda deceives Kara by playing on Kara's trust and then incapacitates her. Linda lays Kara in her ship and Kara is returned to the pre-crisis era.


Linda and Ariella

Linda retired after she sacrificed Kara and was unable to bear the guilt. The Spectre saved Ariella but never brought her to Linda. Linda had one last reunion with her family and met her new baby brother "Wally" before leaving everyone and giving up the identity of Supergirl. She sent a letter to Lois and Clark Kent saying that she no longer felt worthy of being Supergirl.

Angel Again

In Reign in Hell, the Shadowpact found Linda Danvers living in obscurity in Gotham City. Due to her previous connection as Earth Angel of Fire,

Earth Angel Linda Danvers

they attacked her which she revealed that angelic flames powers had returned. Sporting flaming wings defends herself from the Shadowpact only to be shunted away to Hell for her previous "debts". Linda is later seen in the company of Dr. Occult after she is summoned and released by Lilith. During this encounter, her persona has seemed to changed to that of a vengeful fallen angel. On her journey with Dr. Occult, Linda mercilessly kills some injured demons with her flame vision. Afterward she confronts Dr. Occult on being a damned soul and proclaims she would burn every damned soul because she was being held prisoner in Hell. To help her regain her senses, Dr. Occult casts a spell to reveal to Linda who she really is and all the good deeds she did as Supergirl and she flies away in disgust and horror.

Powers and Abilities

Linda full Supergirl


Linda uses psychic abilities to emulate the powers of a Kryptonian. It allows her to have Super strength, speed, and endurance. It allows her to possess flight and makes her invulnerable against most conventional attacks.


Along with her Psychokinesis Linda has the ability to affect space and matter around her. She can create force fields of psychic energy or she can turn it on the offensive and use psychic blasts against her enemies.


When she was bonded with Matrix she possessed the ability to render herself invisible, but once they were separated she lost this ability.


Since this was an ability possessed by Matrix, Linda was able to utilize it as well though it was mostly used by Linda to change into Matrix's form.

Angel Of Fire Abilities

When Linda was split from Matrix she became aware of her powers as an Earthborn Angel. She possessed wings of flame as well as fire vision. After Twilight bonded with Matrix and restored Linda's power levels to their former state she lost her Earthborn Angel abilities but she later regained these power's while trapped in Hell.

Alternate Realities

Supergirl: Wings

Supergirl: Wings

Linda Danvers is dark and gothic teenager, corrupted by a demon. She eventually merges with her guardian angel, Matrix, becoming some kind of Supergirl.

JLA: Created Equals

Supergirl joins another females heroes

Fifteen years after all men are wipped from earth (Except Lex Luthor and Superman), Linda changes her name from Supergirl to Superwoman and she is realocated in Themyscira, the world new capitol.

JLA: Act of God

Linda as Justice

Linda is among the character that lost their powers due to a cosmic event that takes away the power from metahumans. She continues her duty as a hero, changing her name to Justice, and joining Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Flash (Wally West) and Batman, forming the Phoenix Group.

Other Media



Kara becames Linda Danvers

Kara, portrayed by Laura Vandervoort, takes the Linda Danvers alter ego in an alternate timeline where she was raised by the Luthors.


Justice League Heroes

Justice League Heroes

The Linda Danvers version of Supergirl is a playable character in the game. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

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