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  1. "Europe at War" Reprinted from Action Comics #22.
  2. "Supergram the Superman Puzzle Game" one page word search puzzle.
  3. "The Life Insurance Scam" Reprinted from Action Comics #29.
  4. "How to Draw Superman and Clark Kent" two pages featuring six drawings by Curt Swan.
  5. "The Men Who Had To Guard Superman!" Reprinted from Superman #60.
  6. "A Concept for Superman's Future" four pages by Neal Adams featuring a Superman theme park with over twenty exhibits highlighting Krypton, Smallville and the Fortress of Solitude.
  7. "Lois Lane's Secret Helper!" Reprinted from Superman #142.
  8. "Cartoon Flips. starring... Superman" one page by Martin Naydel featuring two sets of two panels. You cut the panels out and place panel one over panel two and then you rapidly flip panel one up and down. The end results looks like the panels are moving.
  9. "The Case of the Lethal Letters!" Reprinted from Superman #204.
  10. "The Origin of Superman" Reprinted from the Amazing World of Superman #1 - Official Metropolis Edition.
  11. "Superman on the Screen" inside back cover featuring seven photos from the Adventures of Superman television show and the movie Superman and the Mole-Men.
  12. "Table-Top Diorama" back cover featuring a Superman cutout diorama.


  • An 80-page no ads all-reprint issue.
  • Issue number designated as C-31.







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