how is there a least 2 limbos in marvel

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i think its strange that theirs a limbo for immortus and then theres illyanai limbo. how can they two limbos exist. i thought maybe limbo is just a name given to them eg earth is still what it is even if its called pluto. but there is a reason there called limbo in that both time is not set and multiple times can exist together. can anyone help explain both there existence in the same univese

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They are essentially both pocket universes. From my research here is what I found:

  • Limbo for Immortus is a temporal Limbo that exists as a timeless realm used for time travel. It was a dimension that was unique in that it existed outside both the time-stream & thus possessed no time.
  • Illyana's Limbo is also known as Otherplace, it is a purely magical realm powered by a single deposit of a magical metal called Promethium. This Limbo is inhabited by legions of demons. This Limbo has a truly corrupting effect on even the most noble souls.

They are very similar!

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