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Azara (left) and Hexa

Angel Azara and demoness Hexa were destined to fight each other as representatives of Heaven and Hell. However, during their fight, they fell in love. Suddenly, Azara was killed by another demon. Slaying the demon, Hexa fled the battlefield. On a remote location, she gave birth to Lillith.

Eighteen years later, Lillith had become a fierce fighter under the tutelage of the demon Ionus. Out of sheer jealousy, Lord Orcus had Ionus killed and blamed Lillith for it, knowing that her mother Hexa would take Lillith's place in her punishment. Sending Hexa to limbo, Lord Orcus had bound Lillith to himself. On that day, Lillith's purple hair turned ashen.

young Lillith


Lillith the Demon Princess was created by Ben Dunn.

Major Story Arcs

Ninja High School


The demon Stanley plagues the pupils of Ninja High School once more and this time brings his little sister Lillith with him. (NOTE: In the Warrior Nun Areala series there is no mention of Lillith having a brother. Whether the Ninja High School series is canon, remains to be seen.)

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