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The prophecy of the Sirens

When Lilith was a child, she lived with her father on a remote planet called Honus 4651. Shortly after he died, a mysterious cloaked woman spoke to Lilith and told her about the prophecy of the Sirens: six women, each born possessing unimaginable power. Revealing that Lilith was one of the six Sirens, the old woman, a Siren herself, told Lilith that when she grew older, she would journey out into the galaxy and meet other Sirens; some would be her allies, others her foes. Having set the young Lilith on the path to her destiny, the old Siren passed away.

Lilith joins Marcus

As she grew older, Lilith traveled from planet to planet, her adventures becoming progressively more dangerous. Making her way to Pandora in search of a purpose, Lilith hopped onto Marcus Kincaid's bus, where she met the other Vault Hunters: Roland, Mordecai and Brick.

Powers and Abilities


Each Siren possesses a unique superpower. Lilith possesses the ability to "phasewalk", shifting her molecules to a different dimension for short periods of time, making her intangible and invulnerable as long as she's in that form.

Lilith is also a seasoned gunfighter, having kept herself alive for years on her own through the judicious application of violence.

Other Media

As the Siren

Lilith is one of the four playable characters in the original Borderlands game, which takes place right after Marcus' bus drops the Vault Hunters off near the town of Fyrestone. After meeting Claptrap, Doctor Zed and Patricia Tannis, she has to acquire and assemble the components of the Vault Key, while racing against time to access the Vault before the game's chief antagonist, Commandant Steele, gets there. When the Vault is opened, Lilith has to fight and defeat its monstrous guardian, and eventually the Vault is automatically resealed for another 200 years.

As the Firehawk

Lilith returns for the game's sequel, Borderlands 2, although this time she is a non-playable character (NPC) and one of the players' main allies, with Maya being the Siren this time around. She has been covertly operating in bandit circles for months as a bounty hunter called the Firehawk, and the player first meets her when they team up to free Roland when he is captured by bandits. She helps the player in his/her quest to beat Handsome Jack to another Vault, but she is captured by Jack, who intends to use her Siren powers to charge the new Vault Key. The player must rescue Lilith from her captivity and defeat Jack. At the end of the game, it is revealed that there are numerous other Vaults scattered across the galaxy, promising more adventures for Lilith and the other Vault Hunters.

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