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At age 13, Lilith's powers began to manifest. She accidently read the minds of her parents and discovered them to actually be her foster parents


. Lilith was then told her birth mother, a woman with red hair, left her in the care of the nearby orphanage. A new fire burning within her, Lilith set out to find her biological parents; at age 16, she left home.

Later, Lilith discovered her birth mother left her behind due to complications with her birth father. Her nurse was the one that actually dropped her off at a Kentucky orphanage. Throughout her travels, she was largely unsuccessful in the search for her real parents and became an object of disgust and scorn. Because of her mental powers, Lilith was accused of being a witch.


And then came the Teen Titans

Early appearences of Crystal

Her search brought her to New York where she took the job of a dancer at the Canary Cottage disco as a way to make ends meet. It was around this time when she met Loren Jupiter for the first time and aided in his cause. Later, when the Teen Titans were relaxing in the disco as civilians, she approached them and asked if she could join the team, all the while thinking that being associated with them could get her more answers in her search. To prove her power, Liltih warned them of the inevitable death of pacifist advocate, Arthur Swenson, that not even they could prevent. The Teen Titans were distrustful and tried saving Arthur Swenson, but Lilith's premonition came to past and they failed to save him.

After a lecture from their mentors, the Justice League of America, the Teen Titans encountered Lilith once again. She introduced them to Philanthropist, Loren Jupiter. who offered the teenaged superheroes a special mission he was financing. After deciding to discard their costumes and stop using their superpowers, the Titans took Lilith as a new team member and accepted Mr. Jupiter's offer.

During the time Mr. Jupiter was funding the team, the Teen Titans encountered Haze, a bitter teen with psychic powers. He forced the Teen Titans to believe that they were under attack by their mentors. When the Teen Titans defeated Haze, it was revealed that he is Jarrod Jupiter, Mr. Jupiter's son. Mr. Jupiter then used Lilith to erase the memory of this whole traumatic event from Haze's and the Teen Titans' minds.

Titans West

After many adventures with the Teen Titans, Lilith left the team and resettled on the West Coast. There Lilith became involved with Dove ( Don Hall) and the two began dating. Her mental powers soon led her to other teen superheroes and witnessing their rescue act aboard the aircraft

Lilith and Titans West

carrier U.S.S. Tippecanoe. She brought the teens heroes together and warned them that the villan Mr. Esper was the reason behind the carrier incident. She formed Titans West, which consisted of Beast Boy,Flamebird, Golden Eagle, Hawk, Dove and herself. In their search for Mr. Esper, Titans West met the Teen Titans, who were searching for the villain Captain Calamity. The two teams came together and learned both villains were one and the same. Mr. Esper had found a way to tap into Lilith's abilities and use them to cause great disasters. Once the villain was defeated the two teams went their seperate ways.

Of course, Titans West would work with their sister team once again. This time with the discovery and investigation of a caveman named Gnarrk. Gnarrk and Lilith developed a special bond, and Gnarrk was even briefly on the team before he died from complications relating to him being in modern society.

Around the time the East Coast team disbanded, Titans West followed soon afterwards.

Old Friends, New Adventures

Lilith helping The Titans agains Trigon

The next group, and the most famous group, of Teen Titans was formed by Raven, which Lilith was not a member of, but nevertheless aided the new group on several missions. It was during this time that Lilith revitalized her Titans bonds when she attended the Marriage of Donna Troy and Terry Long as one of Donna's bridesmaids.

Her most notable alliance with the New Teen Titans was during the Terror of Trigon storyline. She was instrumental in finding a missing Raven and used Raven's rings which contained her mentor's, Azar's, soul. She merged with Azar's spirit and tapped into the brunt of her psychic powers and led the Titans and Arella to battle Trigon and a now evil, Raven. Lilith brought about the defeat and death of Raven by using her own triumph against Nightwing, Arella, Jericho, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Starfire, and Beast Boy against her. Once channeling the inner strength of the Titans and using her psychic powers as a conduit, Lilith placed all that energy into the rings of Azar and had Arella place them on Raven's body which animated Raven's corpse and brought her back to life. In conjunction with Azar's spirit, Raven, glowing a pure holy white, used her new white soul-self to defeat Trigon.

Meeting Thia

meeting Thia

Soon after, Lilith stayed nearby and became roomies with Starfire. On one case with the Titans, Lilith met a mysterious winged alien while she manifested new pyrokinetic powers, able to create and control fire and heat. They were instantly infatuated with each other and though the alien, later known as Azrael, wanted to love her passionately, Lilith couldn't return her feelings for him in the same way and when their separate ways and the Titans got to the bottom of the whole mess.

Lilith then went with the Teen Titans on Wonder Girl's trip back to Themyscira. During this mission in the lands of Greek myth, Lilith's heritage is discovered. Her father is a normal human but her mother was a power-hungry Thia, the Titan goddess of the sun, explaining her manifesting pyrokinetic powers, who claimed her as her own and used her in a plot to destroy the Olympian gods and goddesses, but eventually was stopped and was accepted by the Greek gods of Olympus and became a demi-goddess, but chose to live on Olympus leaving the New Teen Titans.

As a result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, that aspect of Lilith's origin is negated and was not seen at all for a while until the War of the Gods storyline when she sensed that her friend, Wonder Girl, was in trouble and assisted her, using her precog powers to help Donna, out and was abducted in Titans Hunt but played no role.

Blast from the Past

The misterious Omen

Lilith finally discovered her parentage in between Titans Hunt and the formation of the latest Teen Titans incarnation led by a teenaged Atom. She had met her mother, who has yet to be revealed, and learned that her father is Mr. Jupiter. With her mother's help, Lilith unlocked untapped new abilities such as teleportation and enhanced mystical/mental powers.

All New, All Different Titans

Who is Omen?

She eventually adopted the new, mysterious guise of Omen and tried to re-connect her ties with Loren Jupiter by joining his new team of Teen Titans consisting of the de-aged Atom (de-aged to adolescence in Zero Hour), Prysm, Argent, Risk, and Joto.

She kept her identity hidden and remained a mysterious prescence on the team similar to what Raven originally was near the beginning of the New Teen Titans. Soon, the original Titans - Nightwing, Tempest, Arsenal, and Flash - were gathered together to combat Jupiter's newly crazed son, Jarrod Jupiter. Jarrod called himself Haze once again. He kidnapped Omen and used her psychic powers to fuel and amplify his own. During the battle with Haze, Lilith's identity was revealed and Mr. Jupiter is revealed as her father. Titans, old and new, finally teamed up and defeated Haze. The original Titans also learned Lilith had erased their previous encounter with Haze from their minds.

A Titan Ally

Lilith in JLA VS Titans

The new version of the Titans disbanded and Lilith went off on her own again but like all Titans, past and present, reunited to save their dear friend, Cyborg, and the Earth from the Technis.

Not long afterwards, Vandal Savage kidnapped Lilith and used her to create Tartarus, the perfect team to take down the Titans and, maybe, even the JLA.. However, Lilith purposely chose villains that absolutely wouldn't work well or at all with each other and Tartarus was quickly brought down by the original Titans. Tempest later came to her rescue and set things right. Lilith went back to her previous life.

Graduation Day

Lilith Death

Lilith stood side by side with her old friends, the Titans, when an organization called the Optitron offered to help the Titans and Young Justice. As they were discussing it, a mysterious cybernetic girl from the future that the Optitron company named Indigo unwittingly unleashed an army of Superman androids. Lilith became a Titan once more as she battled alongside her old friends, but was caught by surprise by a Superman android she mistook as the real Man of Steel. As she got close to it, the android snapped her neck, killing her instantly.

Enraged Troia took on the rogue Superman android and was near victory when the rogue Superman pierced through her heart with heat vision, She was thought to be dead. In the end Indigo managed to defeat the rogue Superman android. With the demise of Lilith and Troia, The Titans and Young Justice disbanded, but reformed as The Outsiders and the lastest incarnation of the Teen Titans.

Mother Mayhem

Mother Mayhem

Sent to hell by Raven, the newest Brother Blood planned his next strike with a army of demonic animals that he had encountered and brutally attacked Kid Eternity, siphoning his powers and chaining him to the gateway between life and death preventing the already cracked door from being closed.

He used the siphoned powers of Kid Eternity to summon the lost soul of Lilith Clay to serve as his Mother Mayhem and collected other previously

dead Titans Kole, the original Hawk and Dove, Aquagirl, and Phantasm to serve as his team of undead and evil New Titans West.

He used Raven's infected soul-self as a doorway back to Earth and attacked Raven and Beast Boy in Titans Tower before leaving to Los Angeles using Lilith and creating a dimensional doorway letting his army of demonic animals run free and unleash pure havoc and chaos upon the City of Angels.

The undead Titans West battled the current Teen Titans as Raven and Beast Boy freed Kid Eternity while battling undead villains Madame Rouge, Gizmo, and Grant Wilson AKA Ravager.

Kid Eternity defeated Brother Blood by summoning all of the past Brother Blood to attack him without restraint. Despite Speedy's wishes, the dead Titans including Lilith were returned to their rightful resting places.

Blackest Night

Cyborg VS Black Lantern Omen

In Blackest Night, Lilith rises from the dead as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. She participates in the assault on the Titans, using her telepathy to mask Terra's true appearance and allow her to get close to Beast Boy.

DC's New 52

New 52 - Omen

In the new universe, Lilith works for the organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E. She is in charge of torturing with her mental powers the new prisoners before the Culling starts. She uses her powers to reveal the darkest secrets and fears of the prisoners (like she did with Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Skitter and Kid Flash).

She tortured the Teen Titans after they were defeated and captured by Harvest. Red Robin tried to reason with her saying that she was probably brainwashed to work for Harvest, but Lily said that she was working for N.O.W.H.E.R.E by her own will and that she shared the same ideals that Harvest.

With her powers she discovered that Wonder Girl's powers came from an invisible armor.

Love Interests


Lilith as a bridesmaid at Donna's Wedding

Pre-Crisis Story: After accidentally being transported to prehistoric times, Kid Flash and Mal Duncan accidentally brought Gnarrk, a pre-historic teen back with them to the present. The Teen Titans saw that they would transform him into a modern-day man - which they succeeded in doing. Lilith bonded with Gnarrk a great deal, sensing an innate gentleness and kind, warmth within him despite his rough exterior and soon they grew romantic feelings for eachother.

Lilith was able to reach him telepathically, and her soothing influence, calmed his rage. It seemed that the two had become a genuine couple; in fact, it was revealed, years later, when the Titans encountered a Titans West team, that Lilith and Gnarrk had engaged to be married.

Lilith and Gnarrk

Gnarrk was not considered a member of the West branch of the team and in fact did not like Lilith being on the team, - "How many times I gotta tell ya, I don't want my fiancee playin' like she's Wonder Woman? You coulda been hurt bad!", but Lilith just felt he was being over protective.

Unfortunately, at Donna Troy and Terry Long's wedding, it was revealed that Gnarrk had died, presumably not long after his most recent appearance.

Lilith concerned about Gnarrk

Post-Crisis: After Lilith started getting psychic flashes, the Teen Titans decide to go to South East Asia, where they find Gnarrk encased in ice. Gnarrk was sending the signals to Lilith, to which she responded. He told her his name was Gnarrk.

The Titans took Gnarrk to S.T.A.R. Labs, and they told them that Gnarrk was dying. The scientists wanted to perform tests on Gnarrk but the Titans stopped them from doing so until he died. While he was alive, Lilith established a mental link with Gnarrk and, although Lilith was dating Dove, the two fell in love.

Gnarrk stayed on life support for almost a year, the whole time, with Lilith by his side but unfortunately, inevitably, eventually Gnarrk died.


Hawk acknowledges their relationship

During Liliths time on the Titans West branch, we are told that Lilith was dating Don Hall, the first Dove but unfortunately Don was another casualty of the Crisis on the Infinite Earths so yet again, another one of Lilith's lovers dies.


Lilith and Azrael

Yet again, another mysterious body encased in ice was sent to S.T.A.R. Labs, this time a winged man. Lilith met the winged alien when the Titans visited S.T.A.R. Labs.

She could sense that what she discovered in S.T.A.R. Labs would change her life and she could feel Azraels pain but also ached for this alien. She was the one who helped him escape from the labs, this caused the thought in Azrael's mind that he must love Lilith.

Azrael wasn't seen again until New Teen Titans #7 where he whisks Lilith away to proclaim his love for her, but before they could act on their love,

Thia confronting Lilith

Lilith was kidnapped by Thia, a godess who was revealed to be Liliths real mother.Thia had told her of her origins, so Lilith decided to stay and live among the Pantheon.

There, she said her goodbyes to Azrael reluctantly, saying she is only leaving because it is her destiny. Although after the Crisis on the Infinate Earths later nulled Liliths origin with Thia, Azrael and Liliths break up was still canon.

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