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Lili Penrose would meet Gambit at a club in New Orleans and hire him to steal a special deck of cards from her uncle, Morgan Penrose. It turned out that the special cards were tarot cards over seven hundred years old and they possessed supernatural powers. Lili would work with a gangster named Orleans Cooper who owned a club in New Orleans. The two manipulated another thief named Jack Jessup to steal the cards and turn him against Gambit. It turned out that Lili Penrose killed her uncle and she was into the occult. Gambit was held captive by Lili and she wanted his heart for sacrifice but the mutant had an ace up his sleeve. Gambit had taped one of the supernatural tarot cards onto his chest and Lili was burned and blinded when she looked at it. Lili was taken down and apprehended by the police.


Lili Penrose was created by John Layman and Georges Jeanty in 2004 and first appeared in Gambit # 1.

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