Lila's Home

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Does anybody have any information or details about Lila's home. It has been mentioned in the X-Men comics over the years, and most recently in the X-Men: The End Series. I would be greatful for any feedback.

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Not to sound dumb, but... what do you mean?  Where she grew up?  Where she lives now?  Family life??

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Ok, should have made myself clearer, sorry for the confusion. What I want to know about is the AI house she owns with the Matrix 2 style doors that link to the X-Mansion and other sites.

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The only one i can remember is the one she took Cannonball and Illyana to in New Mutants, and i don't believe that's the one you want.

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Not wanting to seem rude, have you read X-Men: The End. At one point in the story Kitty, evacuates students to Lila's house, by opening a door in the X-Mansion, (|Matrix 2 style.) This is the house I am itrested in. Any forth comming information wolud be greatfully recived.

Thanks Lexy

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Nope, i never read that one. Good luck hunting though.

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I think it only appeared during the Arena arc with Guido, Storm and Callisto and the X-Men: The End arcs so those are the only places to look for information. Its kinda funny that the teleporter has a house that teleports too. Its probably alien technology since Lila does go all over the universe. I preferred her old hang out inside the Dyson's Sphere which is a giant shell built around a star.

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