Can A Lightsaber Cut Through......

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Round 1:Adamantium

Round 2:Dalek armor

Round 3:Link Shield

Round 4:Superman Skin

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No on 1 and 4. It's just concentrated energy. You can't even slice easily through whatever those doors were in the first movie (where Quigon was melting through it, but it took a lot of time instead of just, you know, cutting past it effortlessly).

I'm not familiar with Dalek armor, and it depends on which version of Link's shield since he has like 50.

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@Sylvain said:

Round 1:Adamantium

Round 2:Dalek armor

Round 3:Link Shield

Round 4:Superman Skin

in the phanton menace darth mauls lightsaber was sparking on the metal in that huge tube obi wan was in as i doubt it will beat adamantium or supermans skin(which is strong than adamantium) i have know idea about the other two though

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a lightsaber cutting through something is also dependant on who is weilding it. if hulk had a lightsaber wouldnt it cut through different things and faster?

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@Hyperlight: That would only be true if it were matter cutting through matter. Since a lightsaber's "blade" is made up of a constant amount of energy, the only thing that would make a difference is how long you expose the material you're trying to cut to that energy. It's like cutting through steel with a blow torch.

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@YoungChief said:

A Zelda fanatic's least favorite item description in the game, lol.

I'd say a lightsaber could cut through all of those thing with time except for Superman's skin. He gets stronger by sitting in the sun. I don't think he'd mind a lightsaber all that much. If you mean with a single slash I'd go with no to all except for the possibility of Link's Shield, and that depends on exactly which shield is in question (some are made of regular wood, for example).

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Switching this out of the battle forum.

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I don't see why it would be hard to believe that the Hylian Shield from Skyward Sword is indestructible, I believe that's the only one that's clearly stated to be imbued with magic (someone please correct me if I am wrong)

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@Mercy_ said:

Switching this out of the battle forum.

Oh sorry i alway put every threads i make in battle forum(because normaly i only do battle threads)but yea i made an accident here x_x.

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@Sylvain no worries :)
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Adamantium - no, adamantium has been shown to be stronger than beskar (a metal that lightsabers cannot cut through).

Dalek Armour - presumably, I cannot think of anything that has shown Dalek armour to be very durable (in comparison to beskar, I know it is durable enough to block bullets)

Link's Shield - depends on the shield

Superman's Skin - depends on the era. I doubt it could cut current Superman though.

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