Thunderbird, Slipstream & Lifeguard!

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So I was at a marvel x-men pannel like a year or two ago and I remember a question being asked about a load of characters... I asked if Mondo was one of the depowered mutants and the guy had no clue who he was, made me sad. But he DID say that lifeguard and Slipstream will find their way to Utopia. Its been a year since the Island appeared off the cost of Cali, and still no sign of them. I can't recall who told me this info and was hoping if anyone else has seen anything on this? I figured Thunderbird will be joining them too. I hope Lifeguard and her hot Aussi brother comes back tho, they are a perfect mutant/shi'ar mix. Lifeguard is like Husk, Darwin, and Pixie rolled into one awesome character. I hope she comes back soon.

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The X-Men have grown to such a point that writers often struggle with the vast roster of mutants that are available to them.  But lately, it's more like a case of Utopia Syndrome; stick a pointless cameo in the background & that becomes the character's official update.  It's sad, really.  There are plenty of writers who could do a lot with characters like these... they just either don't want to write them, or they've forgotten the even exist (like Mondo ):


Sadly, it wouldn't be the first time that creators or editors changed their plans.  For instance, there was meant to be a brand new Cloak & Dagger series last year.  That was usurpsed by their appearance in the Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men crossover... which lead to them being pointless cameos on Utopia until the one-shot when they branched off on their own again. 


If anything, I feel happier knowing that characters aren't on Utopia.  It means that they wont be poorly depicted in brain dead cameo appearances.  But limbo off Utopia isn't much better than limbo on Utopia.

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It looks like at the very least we are getting Lifeguard back on Utopia as promised! Remember that one time she fell into the ocean and a giant squid tried to eat her and so she turned into a giant golden whale and ate the squid instead? lol Ah, good times. I'm glad she's coming back.

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