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Licorice Dust is for the most part a good vampire. Licorice spent two years of her life tracking down child molesters and killers, in hopes of saving any doomed children. Then she took her justice to the rapeists by maiming and killing them...slowly. After that she was able to finally return to the arms of her Baby Cat.

Licorice kept mostly to the company of her three friends in high school the girls were gothic and shunned by most of the other popular kids especially the cheerleaders who refused to let them even try out for the cheer squad. The four girls responded by meeting at the Salem Playground and burning their school uniforms, giving each other 'candy' names and adopting the last name 'Dust' they formed a dark cheer squad and swore themselves as sisters.

Licorice and her friends were made vampires at the Salem Playground that same night when they meet a tall pale vampire who seduced them with promises of power and eternal life. However once he drank their blood and let them taste his he reveled his plan to enslave the four girls for eternity. Licorice's friends distracted the vampire long enough for her to impale him with a broken and sharpened field hockey stick, killing the vampire and taking his head as a souvenir.

Licorice sucks her thumb in her sleep.

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