kfhrfdu_89_76k's Liberty Meadows #7 - LibertY Meadows review

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This is my 25. CV-review. That`s it.

Bit about the book.

Read the plot summary.

What I like...

This book has quite a bit of humor. And most of it is pretty good. I chuckled in many instances.

The drawings are spectacular. Cho uses his visual talents to create cool panels, puns that you will understand if you have seen famous, historic photographs or images or you`ve heard of some historic events and movies. It`s rewarding if you notice them, but it`s necessary. That`s always a good thing. Well, not always, because nothing can always be...something...Sorry, lost the point.

There`s a joyful feeling in these strips. Really joyful.

There is also more grown up humor in this one. But I don`t mean ages 25-50 (or something like that). More like 9-12 (or something like that), which is more grown up humor than 5 year olds humor. I might be wrong about that, though.

What I don`t like...

It would be repetitive of me to write that this has alot of clichés, but that every piece of any kind of literature has them, so they aren`t that much of a bother. So let`s pretend that I didn`t.

The whole series is clearly aimed to kids / "people of all ages". I`m not a kid anymore, by the traditional definition of the word, and therefore, I wont rate this as greatest thing ever. I`ve already read stuff like this. To me, this isn`t as special as it could be, `cause I`ve read this kind of stories already. Maybe too many.

Who should read it?

Kids. Or kid minded adults. Or Cho-fans. Or those who want to read something else besides Dantes "Inferno".

Posted by The Poet

sounds like a playful read...


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