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Green Lantern
Status: Expelled
Space Sector: Unknown

Sector Partner: Service pre-dated sector partners
Homeworld: M'Elu

Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


Liana is a former Green Lantern who was stripped of her power ring for violating two of the edicts laid out by the Guardians of the Universe.  Liana’s tale is a cautionary tale to all Lanterns of the danger of imposing your own will onto other beings, even if that Lantern is acting in what they believe are the best interests of all.

Liana was patrolling her sector when she came upon a magnetic disturbance in space.  Tracking this disturbance she came upon an isolated world.  There the planet was being raged by ferocious electrical lightning storms.

Liana made contact with the inhabitants of the planet, who were a metallic based species.  The people were being killed in droves by the fierce and relentless lightning and Liana petitioned to speak with the populace leaders, hoping to stop any more loss of life.

The well intentioned Green Lantern was taken to speak to the council of three who immediately made their distaste of off-worlders known.  She tried to explain to the council that the system of magnetic barriers the people had erected to segment the planet was playing havoc with the planet's natural magnetic field and causing these devastating storms.  Yet despite her argument, the council refused Liana’s help and ordered her off planet.

Liana then committed her first transgression and ignored the peoples express instructions not to tamper with their planet.  Hoping to avoid any further loss of life, Liana moved the planet's magnetic polls stabilizing the field and stopping the electrical storms.  In doing so, the planet’s barrier system was deactivated.

The result was the second of Liana’s transgressions.  The barriers had been put into place because the inhabitants of the planet had an insane bloodlust amongst the various tribes.  The barriers were the only means of preventing the tribes from destroying one another.  With the fields down, the populace launched into an immediate and all out civil war.

Liana was horrified and tried again to intervene but she was shamed into leaving by the council who declared that she had done enough harm.  Liana was stripped of her ring by the Guardians for altering a planet's history against their will.  Her activities after the Green Lantern Corps have not been recorded.

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