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Li Park never wished to be a warrior. His father wanted warrior son. The only reason he enrolled in the fighting school in K'un-Lun was to look after his younger brother Jianjun. He was far from the best kung fu student. He was not even a particularly good one. Rather than focus, he was always daydreaming with his vivid imagination. He appreciated the art of martials arts but not the violence.

An unlikely Iron FIst
A sudden plague ravaged K'un-Lun. Hundreds died quickly while thousands more became too ill to even move. This came at a time when someone would soon have to face Shou-Lao the Undying, and Li Park was the only healthy student who was remotely qualified for the challenge. Lei Kung the Thunderer chose him and pushed him through intensive training for the rest of the time remaining. When it came time to face Shou-Lao, Li Park did not see how he could win. The dragon savaged him, and the fight was clearly a one-sided battle. Then he decided to use his imagination. He used the berries and noodles he brought to eat to create the illusion that he can been eviscerated. Shou-Lao was confused that the challenger had been killed already. Li Park lunges at the dragon's scar and hugged himself to it, blocking Shou-Lao from using its chi until the dragon submitted. He then plunged his fists into the dragon's heart and claimed the power of the Iron Fist.

Then he became the first Iron Fist ever to pass out after his victory.

Against an army
When K'un-Lun anchored itself to the earthly plane, Li Park was dispatched to stand between an army and the thousands of innocents being slaughtered. The very idea of this shocked him. He was a pacifist. He had no idea how he could stop an army. When he came upon a village massacre, an idea came upon him. He used his newfound power and his imagination to make the warriors believe they had found paradise with everything they could want. There should be no reason for them to fight or do anything more than live in peace. Li Park's vision held for a short time until the warriors began fighting each other for what the other had. Their greed and savagery could not be satisfied. This compelled him to fight to save who he could. His vision and his actions managed to save half of the population.

Li Park returns
Li Park came to understand that vision alone was not enough to protect people and bring them peace. It would take vision and action. He found and gathered as many survivors of the army's raid as he could, promising to protect them and lead them to a place they would be safe. He led them on a journey for ten years, which was how long it took for K'un-Lun to reappear on Earth.

He not only saved the lives of all those people, but he also ensured the future of K'un-Lun. So many had died in the plague that those he brought to find sanctuary in the city served to repopulate the mystical city for many generations to come.


Li Park's hypnotic fist technique
Along with the standard chi-channeling powers of an Iron Fist, Li Park discovered a new ability thanks to his imaginative nature.  He could use his iron fist to hypnotize people. These people would then see whatever visions he wished for them to see, such as when he hypnotized an army of warriors to believe they were in paradise. Li Park's hypnotic fist technique was written into the Book of the Iron Fist and learned by later Iron Fists such as Orson Randall and Danny Rand.

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