What's the story behind this scan?

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What is Lex talking about and why he is attacking the Trinity?

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Wasn't this from Justice League 0? The start of the Brad Meltzer run? I've always wondered myself about this scan. Perhaps it was a storyline DC were planning on pursuing before the idea of the New 52 came up? There'd been no references to it beforehand. The only people who I can think of being Lex's sons are Connor Kent and the Brainiac clone that showed up in Adventure Comics. Lex must have become superpowered somehow though since he's resisting Wonder Woman's lasso round his neck.

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All I know is that the scan specifically comes from the post-Infinite Crisis Justice League, when the trinity are making up. Justice League #0 to be exact. You probably know this though, and as for the context I have no idea. :X

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