Unscripted Review: Action Comics #893

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looks good.

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I've really been digging Lex's adventures in Action Comics. Although the Jimmy Olsen story wasnt bad I hated shelling out $3.99 when the second half of the book was Jimmy Olsen and a Teen Titans preveiw.

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This just in: Grodd spoons Luthor and Action Comics becomes a Vertigo title.

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hmmmm....maybe I should be pick action comics

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tick cartoon show rules!

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I prefer G-Man's solo reviews much more than with a 2nd  person or 3 people.

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She works for Rick Flair! =) 
Most interesting thing is Grodd's ability to absorb brains knowledge :D 
Wish I had that power O_O

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yeah, I agree with you. DC Comics should have shown Chloe long time ago. It's too late to show her now.
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Grodd is a Flash villain. Shouldn't he be appearing in Flash's current run on comics?  
Reading these current action comics makes Lex luthor look like the hero of this current run. Maybe eventually Lex will get a comic called, "Lex Luthor #1" or "Lex Luthor:  The Man of Metropolis"

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@G-Man: The eating brains thing is new to Grodd, and is stolen from a character in the Wild Cards novels.  The only difference being the WC character would actually eat the brains right out of the head.

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I have brought my biggest War-Spoon!!!

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Still about Lex....pass. lol

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this arc kicks ass!

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I've saw the preview and it comes across like Chloe's been put in for the sake of it, that could have been any other blonde with a different name for the portrayal is different to smallville. Seems like it's a gimmick 
Like the Lex tales though, not usually into supes but this action comics run is pretty fun

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Wait...he lops his head off with a spoon...?  
G-Man that shirt is kick @$$  lol

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What're the wild cards novels about bud?
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How come we've never seen comic Chloe before?
She's been retconned it.
Thought we'd all be used to it by now.

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@cbishop: Good to know. I'm not a Grodd expert and I was wondering WFT was going on. Gross but kinda cool.
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good review, with Lex in AC I'm feeling teased to get back into this series and this might have been the kick I needed. 
gotta agree with you G-Man, Chloe should have been incorporated a long time ago if they were going to do it. I do however have my theories on her and her existence based on things the Legion, and Dr Fate have said in Smallville. I think she's going to have to sacrifice her existence to fates helmet in trade for bringing Jimmy back and giving him the sidekick type of role he's typically known for that she had filled. Through his/her magic people will lose recollection of her existence in Clarks past and Jimmys will be restored. That history will align itself more with the books then.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
LOL Aw man I LOVE The Tick ^_^
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really excited for deaths reintroduction.

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@Gylan Thomas said:

" @cbishop:  What're the wild cards novels about bud? "



" @cbishop: Good to know. I'm not a Grodd expert and I was wondering WFT was going on. Gross but kinda cool. "

G-Man, I'm no expert either.  I just know he's never done the brain thing before.  Ironically enough, IIRC, the WC character ate the brains with a spoon. lol  (EDIT: I guess I shouldn't say it was "stolen" from Wild Cards, but the idea was seen there first, as far as I know.)
Gylan, Wild Cards was a series of sci-fi novels that started in 1986.   I was just talking about WC on Liberty's blog the other day.  Let me steal a quote from that: 

...there was a sci-fi series of novels called Wild Cards.  An alien virus was loosed in the atmosphere, producing one of five results: 1) no effect, 2) death ("Black Queen"), 3) physical mutation/deformity ("Jokers"), 4) superpowers ("Ace"), or 5) a minor power, like screwing a light bulb into your elbow and making it light up ("Deuce" - usually accompanied by "Joker" mutation).  Eventually, the alien responsible for the virus theorized (and the writing made it clear) that the "Joker" and "Ace" changes were in line with how the person saw themselves, and the limits on their powers were more mental than physical. 
I mention that, because the same idea for how powers developed was used onscreen, for Smallville, HeroesThe Incredibles, No Ordinary Family, and to a gentler degree, Sky High and Zoom.  In all of those, the powers were thematic with the personality - they matched how the person really saw themselves.  I've seen both DC and Marvel flirt with that idea in their comics, to explain the unexplainable, but they keep getting away from it.  At one point, it seemed like Marvel was leaning towards that for an explanation of how mutants were so varied in their powers...

WC was cool, because it was as "real world" as they could be with superpowers involved.  Characters changed, died, and had to deal with real world implications of their actions.  The first and most famous of them stepped in front of the bullet that would have killed Ghandi.  Another prevented the death of Marilyn Monroe, whose life took a serious downturn from her starlet days. 
There are well known comic characters whose types were seen in WC first.  Some of those include DC's Maxwell Lord (mentally using people as puppets), Erik Larsen's Joey Finkleberry (the most powerful in his universe, who retires peacefully from using his powers), and Erik Larsen's Rapture (a hooker with electrical powers, who kills her pimp.  In the WC novels, she was involved with a drug called Rapture, instead of Rapture being her name).  There are others, but they just aren't coming to mind right now. 
You can probably find some of these in used bookstores, and can find most online, although a few are hard to come by.  There's a website out there dedicated just to these novels and news about them.  They were edited by George R.R. Martin, and I highly recommend picking them up if you run across them.  There are 12 volumes in the first cycle, and the second cycle has been really slow to publish.  There may be as many as 8 in the second cycle, but I think it's between 3 and 5.
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Anyone got the scan of Grodd saying he got his special spoon for Luthor? Nearly woke everyone up when I was reading that issue lol

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Lex Luthor's Action Comics is one of my favorite monthly titles at the moment. The absurdity of Gorilla Grodd's best battle spoon is the kind of outrageous humor I love to see from comic books (and well rationalized through Lex's master plan). I'm also drawn to this sad relationship between Lex and his Lois bot. It says a lot about who Lex really is: A spoiled child who has trouble connecting with anything that he hasn't created. If you aren't picking up this book START. 
As for Chloe Sullivan, I could really care less that they brought her into the main universe since I could care less about Smallville. But, I do seem to remember in Superman Secret Origin #1 that a Chloe S--------(the rest of her name was obscured by the sling) signed Pete Ross' cast. Maybe that indicates it is the same Chloe that grew up with Clark? Or it could be just another pointless Easter egg. In any case, I enjoyed the introduction to the Jimmy Olsen back-up stories. It was funny and indicates that we'll see a hapless Jimmy being ushered through madcap adventures just like he was in the Silver Age. I'm down with that. Mark my words, the alien invasion in the next issue will be fun. 

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Lex Luthor VS Grodd + his spoon... 
It'll be fun.

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