Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: Message From President Lex

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Don't forget that Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is out today on Blu-ray, DVD, OnDemand and Pay-Per-View.   You can check out our review HERE.  I'm sure I don't need to tell you at this point that you really should run out and buy this today.  School?  Work?  Those things can wait. 

Here's some more pics too of some of the guest stars you can see in the movie.

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I saw it, and it was awesome!

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This looks cool. It's good to see Solomon Grundy on a cartoon screen again.
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whos that character in black
yes its power girl thank you god

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Can't wait to pick it up today. 
I hope Bruce Timm and his crew will consider doing Kingdom Come and Dark Knight Returns. Perhaps have Michael Keaton voice Batman in Kingdom Come & Michael Ironside return to voice the Dark Knight.
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This movie is really bad@$$!

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@NightFang said:
" This movie is really bad@$$! "
Is it really good, I'm still a bit skeptical after blowing $16 on Green Lantern.
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@burr787: Way better than GL ff. You will be sorry if you dont see this
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Great movie, I didn't like Power Girls voice though and the Batman vs Lady Shiva fight could have been better IMO.

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I love DCU, but this one felt more like a slugfest to me. The concepts where awsome but it felt like story was cut short for action. Crisis of the Two Worlds looks awsome though.

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I'm certainly planning on renting this when I get the chance.

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I will get it when I get a chance.

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This just looks really great. Public Enemies is one of my favorite Worlds Finest stories.  
I'm probably going to have to get this on Itunes so I'll miss the special features.

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@johnny spam said:
" @Nahero:
NIghtshade "
ohhhhhhhhhhh i see
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can't wait to see it today...does anyone knows when "Crisis On Two Earths" comes out?
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Nice to see all those guest appearances!

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