Rumor Time: Billy Zane in Superman or Batman 3?

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 Zane... Billy Zane.
Put on your skeptical goggles because it's time for another casting rumor! According to Conventry Telegraph, Billy Zane may be in either Superman or Batman 3. Billy Zane has already dipped his fingers into the comic book movie pond back in 1996 when he portrayed the classic character The Phantom on the big screen, but will Zane be tackling another iconic character?
This is usually where you would see a quote from a website backing up said claim; however, there's no real factual evidence, except for this piece from Latino Review.

  Luthor is a powerful and respected figure. It's either Zane or believe it or not Joey Lawrence who Nolan befriended at a charity event and revealed he was a big fan of TV's 'Gimme a Break.' 

Numerous other sources also claim Luthor is to be played by Billy Zane, who funniest work comes from the hit film Zoolander. So, what's the big deal? Why is this presented as rumor? Well because the original source, from Latino Review was released on April Fool's Day. It's a joke, but for some reason people are latching onto this as fact. But why?
The answer: Billy Zane is pretty awesome. Think about it. Wouldn't he make a pretty awesome Lex Luthor, especially one in a white tuxedo? Yes. Yes he would. As for Batman, I have no clue who he could play. All I can think about is President Lex "Billy Zane" Luthor. So, it all started as a April Fool's Joke from one site, and it now has spread across the intrawebs, but is there any truth to this rumor? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.
IF Billy Zane was in one of these films, who would you like to see him play?
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i think he would make a good lex luthor, but what about kevin spacey, why isn't he returning, i mean he was the only good thing about superman returns

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HA! This would be interesting. 
But honestly, I really hope they don't do Lex Luthor as the main bad guy again. I think audiences deserve to see Superman FINALLY wail on someone for once, like Darkseid.

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Kevin Spacey should return as Lex Luthor. I dunno who Zane could be.

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He could play a film version of the animated Lex Luthor and if they are moving away from the Donner version of the Superman movies it would be a wise choice to change to the more recent incarnation of the character.Though I would rather not see Lex at all in another Superman movie at least for a little while.

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He looks like the Lex Luthor from those JLA cartoons.
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@grimreaper1980:  kevin spacey was a horrible Lex Luthor. How dare you even mention his name! I hope its someone who can play a darker lex.
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Billy Zane would make a perfect Lex (:

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Whoever said Billy Zane looks creepy bald on the podcast was right! Having said that, I think he would make a rather good Lex Luthor indeed.

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@grimreaper1980:  Cuz  when you reboot something there must be nothing connecting the old project with it's replacement project or else you run the risk of people not accepting it as something new and just considering it a new chapter in the exciting franchise.
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Billy Zane would be a fantastic Lex Luther.  He's a good actor, and he can play arrogent just right.  Plus he can rock the bald head.
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Kevin Spacey is way WAY over rated.   Zane would be very cool as Lex.
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I think he'd make a good Mr. Freeze. Unfortunately, Mr. Freeze is a little ridiculous.

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I think Zane would make a great luthor aslong as they can really make people believe in the dual nature of the character. I've always liked Lex as a mastermind type, while keeping a good and clean image in public he would do the most horrible and nasty things through his control of others. I think in these Superman films he should be the driving force of conflict for superman but not the direct cause of it. There should be a raising tension between Superman and Lex maybe over the course of 2 or 3 films coming to a head in a grand and final confrontation where fans can finally say "Yes we finally get to see this!"

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brilliant he would make the best Luthor, if you watch "Tales from the Crypt's Demon Knight" his acting in that really seems to fit the Luthor tone, the voice, the smooth actions. 
But honestly I want to see a different villain as to Luthor, mabye Brainiac, Metallo, or Parasite.

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Zane was the sh!t in Demon Night

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 Put a cork in it, Zane! 

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Maybe he can replace Tim Booth and be Mr. Zsasz in Batman 3

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@the_fallen11:   that would be pretty cool
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At first I thought Zane was a bit too raw for being Lex, but after thinking about it, this might actually be awesome.

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@uncanny89: Yea, I think he could pull off a cool  Zsasz 
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Okay he's hot but damn Im so sick of Lex Luthor cant we do someone else and by the way Kevin Spacey was totally Lex. Back to what I was saying........Im so sick of seeing Lex. I mean even Smallville has decided to venture to other parts of the Superman Universe. Can we please get some diversity people.

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Bruce Willis for Luthor!
#23 Posted by Caligula (12387 posts) - - Show Bio

hmm maybe he could be Roman Sionis, in the next Dark Knight film.

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@00 Raiser said:
" Okay he's hot but damn Im so sick of Lex Luthor cant we do someone else and by the way Kevin Spacey was totally Lex. Back to what I was saying........Im so sick of seeing Lex. I mean even Smallville has decided to venture to other parts of the Superman Universe. Can we please get some diversity people. "
Agreed, but Lex could probably be in the movies without being the main bad guy (or maybe at first then move to something else). If they reboot the franchise they're probably gonna go for a 3 movie deal (assuming they do well) so there's room for some Lex and some other stuff as well.  
I can see Billy Zane as Lex though.
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You know I usually am like stop with Lex Luthor cause he's in everything. But I have to say if Billy Zane was to play Lex he would bring a whole new flavor to the role and also the physical side. To me it would seem like he would be alot closer to the Superman Animated Series - JLU Lex . I mean of all the rumors I've heard , this could be a possible rumor. It's not really absurd at all like the Cher & Eddie Murphy ones. 
I have to say when Zane   did the Phantom I thought he could pull off playing Superman.  

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It's kind of funny because his ex-girlfriend Kelly Brook was on Smallvile at one point playing Lex Luthor's girlfriend. She's pretty. <:)

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Oh this guy is totally  Lex Luthor.
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Without a question - I believe Zane would make a great Lex Luthor, I was pulling for this cat years ago to be Lex in Supes Returns, His image and style of acting exemplifies all of the characteristics of a Lex Luthor on the big screen.       

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New Lex Luthor.

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I think he would make a great lex in a SM or BM film.  As for a bat man villain, hmm I'm going for maybe Bane at fist cause of his physical structure and stuff.  Even though Bane is from south American but I think Zane can pull it off.  HIm or even Black Mask but I think the actor for Black Mask as to be dark and brooding personality.

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Definitely Lex Luthor.
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Everytime I see Billy Zane I think of Zoolander.

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You just know Billy will be an villain.

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I've been saying this for years.  I think he'll be a great Luthor

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Billy Zane is a great choice for Lex Luthor. 
Kevin Spacey's Lex had zero personality.

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Zane would be a great Luthor.
He's got my backing. And that's all that matters :D

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Lex Luthor in Superman

Deadshot in Batman

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Zane could be either Lex or Brainiac.

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Zane would be good for Lex Luthor, he'd be able to bring the lighter side of the character kind of like Gene Hackman, and unlike Spacey (who I thaught sucked, except for WROOOOOOONG!!!!!!). Lex is supposed to be charasmatic.
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Bane or Parasite maybe

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Oberon Sexton... hehehe!
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i can't believe some people took me seriously about the kevin spacey comment, lol

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@Green ankh:
I agree, he seemed to have taken ala 'adam west' approach on lexl uthor... :(
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no doubt lex luthor, he got that look about as lex
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 Joey Lawrence...WHOA!!!

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