Robert Downey Jr. was almost casted as Lex Luthor

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A little while ago, director McG (This Means War) was attached to Flyby, a Superman film written by J. J. Abrams. Robert Downey Jr. was locked for the role of Lex Luthor, Superman's arch nemesis, but the movie was canned for whatever reason. Ironically, they too had an eye for Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

After thinking about it? I'd've loved to have seen RDJ play Luthor. Not sure how this movie would've turned out, though. J.J. Abrams is a talented guy, but McG... Well, This Means War speaks for itself. Flyby is an interesting choice for a title too. I think that would've hurt it.

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@Gambit1024: RDJ as Luthor. EPIC cover coverd in awesome-sauce with a big side order of HEL YEA

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I think they need to stop getting really talented, renowned actors to star as Luthor, opposite some unknown as Superman. This would mark the third time that has happened...if it had happened

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I cannot generally stand Superman movies, but I'd give that a once over.

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@Gambit1024: RDJ might have been alright. Personally though, I have my heart set on Bryan Cranston. He would make the most awesome Lex Luthor ever.

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Bryan Cranston rules, but I think he might be a bit too old for Lex. I've always seen him as Jim Gordon, though

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Might have been one of the very few bright spots in a McG directed Superman movie.

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@Onemoreposter said:

@Gambit1024: RDJ might have been alright. Personally though, I have my heart set on Bryan Cranston. He would make the most awesome Lex Luthor ever.

i agree with this. bryan cranston rules on bb.

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He looks nothing like Luthor, and he's way too nice to play him. I personally think Billy Zane would be the best Lex Luthor ever.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: He's an actor (and a damn good one at that). Being "too nice" isn't exactly relevant. Plus, Luthor's a charmer. They need a guy who can be manipulatively nice when the situation calls for it. Plus, JJ's dialogue coming out of RDJ's mouth as Lex Luthor is something I would've paid to see.

But yeah, RDJ isn't exactly my fan-cast either. I'd love to see Bruce Willis in the role.

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