Osborn Vs Lex

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Just been reading the CV mailbag post and they got me thinking about this as a crossover.... 
It got me thinking on two levels...  

I mean immediately said Lex, I mean it's a no brainer isn't it?? Well maybe not , Norman's got the goblin strength and during the early dark reign before he started to crack he was pretty on the ball. When he's sane he's really pretty conniving.  
So if it was a short battle I'd go with Norman but for the long game it's always going to be Lex he's just too smart and not nearly as insane as Norman.
2nd level....Orange Lantern Lex Vs Iron Patriot Norman.....nah Lex again haha

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I'd go with Lex he is clearly smarter than Osborn, has an battle armor that lets him keep up with superman and he is one of the greatest criminal masterminds in comic book history. Osborn sure is smart but not as smart as Lex in fact I bet Lex could give Reed Richards and Doctor Doom an run for their money, sure his goblin formuala enhances his physical abilities but it does not make him nearly as strong as superman who lex faces on an daily basis. I give the win to Lex. 
Orange Lantern Lex is an Lex with basicly Green Lantern level powers based on greed which is something lex has an near infinite supply of giving him numerous advantages over someone who is basicly using an weakend version of tony starks armor. The Iron Patriot armor kept malfunctioning due to the desine changes norman made for starters by changing the unibeam projector in the chest to an star shaped one it became weaker and it is something spider-man managed to take advantage of in their fight. Lex has an nearly infinite supply of greed plus the imagenation and mind nececary to wield the orange lantern ring so I have to give it to lex again.

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