How will lex luthor return to smallville???

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Okay so we now know for sure that Michael Rosenbaum will be back as lex for the finale but how will this happen???? His clone Alexander was revealed to be Conner Kent aka superboy. So how will lex return??? Will this lex that returns be the real lex or a clone??? I'm hoping it will be the real lex that returns and I will dishonor smallville forever if it turns out that micheal will play a clone instead of the real lex. How do you guys think lex will return???
#2 Posted by Vitality (1830 posts) - - Show Bio

The clone reveals that the real lex survived the explosion (some how) through his memories.
#3 Posted by HolySerpent (13187 posts) - - Show Bio
im going with lex survivng the explosion. 
then we  will have lionel and lex together again. :D
#4 Posted by darth_fletcher (248 posts) - - Show Bio

lex wearing apokalips war suit at the end !!!

#5 Posted by DEGRAAF (8332 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Lex will walk in on a situation where it is Lionel vs Clark and Lex kills or knocks Lionel out. His explanation will be he has been working on a way to heal him self from the explosion of cure him self from the kryptonite rariadtion poisoning (i thought they had already done the latter of the two though). If they havent done the second one, maybe we will see him in his robotic suit

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