Best version of Lex Luthor?

#1 Posted by UltraHeroix (172 posts) - - Show Bio

Which version of Lex Luthor is the best?
1)Mad Scientist
2)Ruthless Businessman
3)Greatest criminal mastermind (movie version)
For me, I liked the ruthless businessman version. His public image was that of a great man but behind the scenes he was a tyrant.

#2 Posted by Kallarkz (3389 posts) - - Show Bio
Just how he was in Superman All-Star
#3 Posted by entropy_aegis (16119 posts) - - Show Bio

Mad scientist + businessman.
#4 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23390 posts) - - Show Bio
@entropy_aegis said:
" Mad scientist + businessman. "

His All-Star appearance in particular was superb.
#5 Posted by Dracade102 (8452 posts) - - Show Bio
@Kallarkz said:
" 1-3
Just how he was in Superman All-Star
#6 Posted by Kairan1979 (17127 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite version of Lex Luthor was in Superman: Red Son.

#7 Posted by entropy_aegis (16119 posts) - - Show Bio

Action comics by cornell.
#8 Posted by Outside_85 (12409 posts) - - Show Bio

DCAU version.

#9 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (41689 posts) - - Show Bio

A mix of Red Son Lex and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

#10 Posted by HolySerpent (13405 posts) - - Show Bio

Other. His smallville version was the best

#11 Posted by TeamUnitedNerds (411 posts) - - Show Bio

I must say the All-Star version is the best. Not even Morrison himself can replicate his greatness in that book

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