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Lex Luthor doesn't like problems, but it's clear he loves to solve them. His top-secret solution to ridding Metropolis of his biggest problem--Superman--may see him triumph once and for all.

The issue starts with Lex Luthor having a business meeting where they are discussing the construction of the new building. One of the men says that the project is on schedule but over budget, claiming that the union "...has them by the stones", which causes Lex to order that the Science Spire as a not-for-profit organisation, to cut the unions out of it once the building is opened. This move is regarded as good for profits, but bad for the unions and the image of Lexcorp, however Lex insists that it'll be the best for everyone.

Next Lex and Mona visit the lab of the doctor they saved, where a naked woman in a vat of red liquid is revealed. After a flirtatious talk between Lex and the woman, it's revealed she was sick and the doctor is making her better, but at the moment it's touch and go.

The next scene is of Lex on the phone to someone while he opens a secret compartment in a wall and gets out what appears to be a small ring box and then packs it in a suitcase. Next Lex is told the boss of the unions is not accepting any of Lex's demands and says they'll go on strike if he makes the building not-for-profit. Lex claims that he has contracts of his own that will trump the contracts he has with the union boss, and he gets on a plane.

Next Mr. Orr is in an elevator with the union boss, pretending to want to help take Lex down with information, but then he turns on Mr. Amonte, hitting him with a hammer and threatening his family if he doesn't cave to Luthors demands. Lex receives a call from Mr. Amonte telling him he'll renegotiate as his plane lands and in the final scene we see Bruce Wayne welcoming Lex to Gotham City.







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