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Thomas Wayne was holding a costume charity party when he was pulled aside by Tony Angelo Berretti, an associate of Lew Moxon. Berretti held Dr. Wayne at gunpoint and told him that Moxon was in need of Thomas' medical expertise. Berretti informs Dr. Wayne that Moxon’s nephew has been shot in the shoulder due to a failed armed robbery. Wayne removes his bat costume and agrees to remove the bullet.

Bruce was secretly present during the procedure but Moxon’s nephew noticed Bruce because his Zorro costume stuck out. The operation was a success but he refused to accept Moxon’s gratitude which was money. This angered Moxon because he viewed Wayne’s refusal as an insult to his ill gotten money. Moxon’s nephew apologized for his uncle’s short temper and thanked Wayne for his efforts. Afterwards, Moxon ordered a hit on Wayne and his entire family.

Moxon hires Joe Chill to kill the Waynes because he is aware of Chill's past history with the Wayne family thereby making him a perfect alibi for Moxon. When the Waynes murder had reached the headlines, Moxon's nephew took it upon himself to punish his uncle by giving Gotham PD an anonymous tip on a heist that Moxon was orchestrating. Moxon was sentenced for ten years in prison and Moxon's nephew took over his uncle's operations. Moxon was eventually paroled for good behavior and started a blimp business which was a front for his criminal activities. Gotham PD tried to make a case against Moxon's latest racketeering operation but Moxon's lawyer made a huge media spectacle by having it seem like the police were interrogating an old man who was suffering from Alzheimer's.

Bruce eventually learns from Berretti that it was Moxon who hired Chill to kill Bruce's parents. At first, Bruce deems Moxon's fading mentality as a fitting punishment but the Batman feels otherwise. Bruce confronts Moxon as the Batman and the moment Moxon saw the Batman, he immediately panicked. Moxon had thought that the ghost of Thomas Wayne had returned for revenge. Moxon fleas his warehouse but he fails to realize that he is running into oncoming traffic. In a split second, Bruce saw a truck heading in Moxon's direction. Bruce averted his eyes as he heard the brakes of truck screech and Moxon's screams became silent.

As it turns out, Moxon miraculously survived the oncoming collision and started a new venture that involved political aspirations. Fortunately, the press questioned certain socialites who were affiliated with Moxon and they were able to expose Moxon as an aged mobster. Moxon tries to reestablish himself as a legitimate business man by throwing a party at his penthouse apartment. Bruce attends the party in order to get close to Zeiss because it was Zeiss who unintentionally got Bruce's friend Jeremy Samuels killed. However, Bruce becomes distracted by Mallory Moxon, Moxon's red haired daughter.

Unfortunately, the party is spoiled by Deadshot who was hired to take out Moxon. Bruce becomes Batman and goes after Deadshot but Zeiss gets in his way. Zeiss confronts Batman while Moxon is left to fend for himself and his daughter who is at the mercy of Deadshot. During their confrontation, Zeiss boasts on how it was Moxon's idea to do away with Samuels because Moxon wanted Bruce to suffer another tragedy. Bruce figures that Moxon still holds a grudge against Thomas Wayne but now he has a chance to make one of his parents' killers pay for their crimes.

Batman puts an end to Zeiss by knocking him out but he doesn't go through with his plan to punish Moxon because of Mallory. Batman finds Mallory kneeling over her father who is barely holding on for dear life. Deadshot had shot through Moxon's stomach and now he is paralyzed beneath the waist. Mallory takes over her father's operations as he recuperates in a wheelchair and Zeiss is removed from Moxon's employment when he attempts to murder Mallory in order to taunt the Batman.

The Moxons come back into Batman's life when someone murders Rupert Spalding with a parcel containing a pound of plastic explosives. Rupert Spalding lived in the newly constructed Otisburg district of Gotham City. As a side note, this Otisburg reference is humorous because Gotham was destroyed by the great quake then rebuilt by Lex Luthor and one of Luthor's underlings was named Otis who had a dream of naming a place after himself. Batman asked Oracle to dig up anything she could on Spalding.

Oracle found out that Spalding came from Buffalo, New York, he had a sister named Sue and despite his disposition of being unemployed, he had a hefty bank account that was equal to half of million. Oracle deduced that Spalding was an expert computer hacker who was stealing digital bank accounts from global corporations. His latest target was Moxon Global Enterprises. As Oracle digged deeper into Spalding's hard drive, she found a back door that led to a digital reality in cyber space called Nirvana. Hackers of every caliber were gathered in this elusive chatroom so that they could profess their latest escapades. Oracle took over Spalding's digital avatar dubbed Fellini and tried to extract information from any other avatars. Oracle almost came close to finding out what Spalding was up to until an avatar who looked like the Joker barged in. The Joker avatar exclaimed that the real Fellini died an hour ago in an explosion and now someone else is using his avatar to spy on them. Oracle immediately logged out of the program before any of the hackers could trace her digital trail.

Oracle relays what she discovered about Spalding to Batman and Bruce decides to pay the Moxons a visit. Bruce waited until Mallory Moxon left the apartment then he busted in on Lew Moxon. Bruce interrogated Moxon on whether or not he had anything to do with the explosion in Otisburg or if he had put a hit on Spalding. Moxon brushed off the Batman's questions as if he didn't know what he was talking about. Batman was getting nowhere with Moxon so he chose to leave with his usual threat of coming back if he finds out that Moxon was lying. Batman asks Oracle if she has any other leads. It turns out that Spalding was close friends with another hacker who got into the nation's federal reserve with a nasty virus. The hacker's name was Julio Peron.

Meanwhile, Oracle decides to enter Nirvana again but as her own avatar who she named Sybil. Sybil discovers that Nirvana was created by four hackers. Fellini was one of the founding members. The other founders went under the guise of Caesar, Sputnik and Merlin. Oracle comes across Caesar and inquires about who might have a grudge against Spalding. Caesar explains that whoever this person is, they were able to erase Fellini's entire digital existence from cyber space. Caesar was willing to talk more about Fellini's latest activities but he comes under attack by a missile. Oracle searched through the digital debris and found the charred remains of Caesar. All of sudden, Oracle gets a call from Batman who has just found Peron's body. Someone had taken a plastic model of a missile and jammed it into Peron's left eye.

Oracle becomes irritated by the fact that she is one step behind this killer. First thing she does is she changes her avatar Sybil into a version of Batgirl and then continues her pursuit. As Batgirl, Oracle comes across the remaining founders...Merlin and Sputnik. Merlin questions Batgirl's sincere involvement but his doubts are put aside when the Joker avatar appeared again. The Joker avatar proclaimed that all the hackers in Nirvana are wasting their time chatting when they could be unleashing grand scale chaos in the real world with just a few strokes of the keyboard.

After a few months had passed, Moxon is asked to attend a meeting with all the other crime lords in Gotham. Moxon makes Hellhound his new bodyguard because he wants someone who will be able to contend with Zeiss in case, he crashes the meeting. Unfortunately, a gun fight breaks out during the meeting and this gives Zeiss the perfect opportunity to exact his revenge against his former boss. However, there was so much gunfire that the details on how Zeiss dispatched Moxon remain unknown. Moxon's motionless body was still bound to his wheelchair as he laid in a pool of his own blood.

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