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2010 Doctor Solar Series

Leviathan is a Tulpa and the first creation of Whitmore Pickerel. Tulpas are beings completely created from the thoughts of Whitmore. Originally Leviathan was only a charatcer in one of Whitmore's science fiction novels. Whitmore is shocked when he discovers that Leviathan is alive and well and battling Doctor Solar.  
After being defeated by Doctor Solar he easily escapes police custody and tracks down Whitmore. He demands food and shelter from him. While staying at Whitmore's house he and Glow engage in a one night stand and later go on the run when Whitmore threatens to destroy them. 

Powers & Abilities

Leviathan is a physical powerhouse and has sufficient superhuman strength and durability to engage Doctor Solar in combat. He has been shown to smash vehicles with a single kick and punch Doctor Solar several yards away. His durability is enough to withstand being punched through walls by Doctor Solar and walk through the flames of a gas main exploding. As a Tulap he is constantly hungry. This is a side effect that is a result of Whitmore's writing.

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