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Team Concept

 New Traveller's Almanac 
There has not been much written about Les Hommes Mysterieux.  They are basically the french version of the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LOEG).  They did have a battle with one of Mina Murray's teams but it is unclear if the team is more of a heroic or villainous team.  Just like the LOEG they are composed of mostly public domain characters from great literature.  The team consists of Robur the Conquer, Fantomas, Nyctalope, Arsene Lupin and Zenith the Albino.  
Almost all of these characters were villains in the original from.  With the exception of Nyctalope who was a hero Jean Robur is a sympathetic megalomaniac, Fantomas is a criminal and murderer, Zeinith and  Lupin are both gentleman criminals. 

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