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A descendant of a group of Maltusians who left Maltus in search of new worlds, eventually settling on Earth and becoming the Leprechauns of earth legend.  Ganthet attempted to recruit them to fight alongside Hal Jordan in their battle against a renegade Guardian.

The ancient Leprechauns were unaware that their ancestors were once Maltusians that had left Maltus to colonize other worlds such as Earth.  When Ganthet offered the Leprechauns a chance to reclaim their birthright as Guardians of the Universe, they all expressed disinterest.  Much to Ganthet's dismay, only the elder Percival accepted the offer.  Ganthet equipped Percival with Oan devices designed to help him better access and manage his powers while tutoring him in their proper use and a power ring until he could harness the Glow on his own.  Within a week of training, Percival grew younger and much stronger.  These achievements are possible for all Leprechauns assuming they go through the training and have enough willpower.

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