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Leonid was raised by the Night Machine, Nikola Tesla and a strange white-haired lady, however he is actually the son of Isaac Newton and a Deviant woman named Morda. As an infant he was handed to Michelangelo, now the glowing Forever Man. The Night Machine warned him the day would come when 'they' would take him away, and indeed, in 1953 Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards of SHIELD brought him to the Immortal City beneath Rome where he joined this secret organization.


Leonid was created by Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver and first appeared in SHIELD #1 in June 2010.

Major Story Arcs

Joining SHIELD

Leonid is first introduced to Isaac Newton on arrival in the SHIELD council room. He is trained by Newton, who always pushes him to try harder. Three years later in 1956 his father the Night Machine reappears with the white-haired lady (in the form of a dove) and brings him to the secret door 'Iter' and gives him the key to open it. Going up the stairs inside, Leonid encounters Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo shocks him with an energy blast and prompts Leonid to remember events of his childhood. They fly over the city on a floating platform and hear the explosion caused when Stark and Richards attack the Night Machine.
After Leonardo takes Leonid so he can meet Isaac Newton, Leonid goes to find Nostradamus in his dungeon cell and frees him. Between 1956 and 1960, tension builds between Leonardo da Vinci's and Isaac Newton's forces in the Immortal City, eventually leading to all-out war. Leonid discovers his powers and uses them to construct an energy barrier between the two armies, but Newton's men launch weapons that break through and kill some of Leonardo's men and the fight continues. Leonid escapes and meets Michelangelo who tells him he will help tear down the walls around the two sides' firmly held beliefs.

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