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Young and idealistic.
Leonard Price was the first doctor who tried to use science to cure Ernest Fairchild, his parents told him that Ernest was withdrawn and not like other kids, that was due to them abusing him, but no one knew that. Dr. Price used newest invention called Dream Probe to try and cure him in dream state, at first things seemed to work, Ernest saying that he found love in his dreams was sent home. But Ernest met Lady Death in his dreams, who wanted him to murder his parents and that day he did murder them. Now Leonard blames himself of creating the murderous Evil Ernie.

He still worked in the asylum where Ernie was kept, when doctor Mary Young came with a proposal to try and cure Evil Ernie once again, this time with a machine called Neurotech. Going through the proper authorities, she was given the opportunity to cure him. Dr. Price knowing that Ernie has created death personification in his mind, protested against the plan. But when he was turned down, he tried to kill Ernie, he was stopped and committed to asylum himself. 

Ernie in the Dream Probe
However, the curing process killed Ernie, and strengthened his link with Lady Death. He killed the whole staff and left the asylum. Leonard Price was left alive only because he was gagged, and Ernie didn't find him. When Mary Young returned to asylum, she released Dr. Price. Leonard had prepared for occasion of Ernie's escape, he armed himself and promised to kill Ernie once and for all. Taking Mary Young with him they followed the bodies. When they caught up with Ernie, he had created numerous ghouls already, they needed to retreat and rethink their plan. Price theorized that when shooting Ernie in the head they would kill him and his link with the dead. Once again they followed him, and managed to find him in police station. Mary shot Ernie in the head but it didn't have any effect. Ernie now wanting revenge went after Mary's family. Price having learned that a bullet won't stop Ernie, searched police station for something better. Having found a rocket launcher Price and Mary went after him again. They made it to Mary's house in time and managed to blow Ernie up, ending the psycho plague.

Second failure.
Six months later, when Mary Young was charged with creating the psycho plague. Leonard Price took part in her court hearing: revealing Ernie to be telepathic, and he guessed that this was why he was abused by his parents. He got very emotional, and predicted the return of Evil Ernie, he then was removed of the hearings. He also kept a close eye on Commissioner Stone, who wasn't feeling very well, and that started after Ernie's passing. Days went by and Price witnessed how Stone went crazy in the court room, he stormed in and shot Stone. That, however, was Evil Ernie's plan, as he controlled the dead, and now he was able to take over Stone's body and mold it to his image. Ernie threw Price out of the window, and went on a killing spree. General Ramsey arrived with the national guard, and arrested Price and Mary. They weren't long in the hold up, when they took the opportunity to escape. Knowing that Ernie attacks Washington with plans to kill the president, they went there to try and stop Ernie, but are too little too late, Ernie is already there. This time he didn't get sidetracked by the revenge and went on with the plan, he killed the president and left, leaving Leonard Price and Mary Young to the ghouls.

Battling Ernie 
Now few months later, Dr. Price and Mary Young are imprisoned by Ramsey again. He harbors a personal vendetta against the doctors, for leaving him the day Ernie resurrected. When Ramsey's plan to imprison Ernie backfired and got him almost killed, Price and Mary are released and they are put in charge of eliminating the threat of Evil Ernie. Price knowing that the true motivation behind Ernie's rampage is Lady Death plans to enter Evil Ernie's mind and kill her. With the time they been in charge, Price has invented a chip that lets him control the dead. Using the dead ones, Price and Mary return to Clearview Mental Institution and retrieve the Neurotech that created Evil Ernie. 

In the meantime Ernie battled Crush, who was bent on killing him in revenge for his mother. The person didn't fare very well and got killed and rose as a dead one: Price ordered the new ghoul captured, fitting him with his "Price Chip", as it was called, then the ghoul is fitted with an military combat armor. Price reveals Ernie their position and orders the ghoul to attack. When the combat ghoul failed, Price himself climbed into one of the combat armors and joined the battle. Price guns down hard on Ernie and looses sight of whats he doing, he shot anything in sight, even military men under his command. Evil Ernie defeated, they go for next phase: they attach Ernie to the Neurotech and then cement his body. Mary Young enters Ernie's mind with intention to kill Lady Death. But things don't go as planned, something happens with Mary, and she falls into a coma. Then Smiley uses one of the battle armors to shoot Evil Ernie out of the cement block he was in and joins with him again. Alive again Evil Ernie attacks Price, tearing off both of his arms, and breaking both his legs, then takes his leave, leaving Price to die with his wounds.

Taking out the president.
Leonard Price's life is saved by the military; doctors managed to save one of his own arms, the other one was replaced with artificial one. When he wakes from coma his been in, Price is taken to the president. The president inform that all plans concerning battling Evil Ernie are terminated; including Project Crippler, and they will placate him by saying he rules the land his conquered. Price doesn't take that news very well and shoots the president, he manages to escape before the body is discovered. He then uses his zombie squad to break into a research facility where the Project Crippler was under way, and he stole that corps. Next part in Price's plan is to retrieve a sample of Ernie's arcane energy he had stored in his old slaughterhouse.

 He then completes the Operation Crippler by himself; fitting a ghoul with his Price Chip and arcane energy, but at the same moment Pandora Effect takes place. The ghoul rises, but retains his old human mind, and escapes. Dr. Price tracks down Crippler and tries to get him to respond to his zombie control device, but is unsuccessful, Crippler rips out the chip, and escapes Price once again. Realizing that he created yet another monster, Price sinks into depression. He tries to kill himself by hanging, but when the rope snaps he takes it as an omen that his job isn't finished yet. He finds strength in him to continue to fight against Evil Ernie. He discovers that a gangrene has set in his replaced arm, he operates on himself with a saw, and then collapses from the pain. After waking he witnessed one of the nuclear blast that Ernie released, Price is blinded temporarily by the flash. While blinded he hears God talking to him, Price now re-found his faith moves toward Detroit. There he saw how Ernie can't control the dead who died in nuclear blast. Price plans to make them work for him.

Several months have passed, Leonard Price has regained favor in government again. He supervised the development of a virus that kills only the dead. However Evil Ernie found out about the research and attack the facility, killing all who know about it. Price's mission in life is now to kill Evil Ernie with any means necessary, even if it kills him. And it almost has, working with the arcane energy has poisoned him, and he can hear the dead-mind already. He has even used some of his Price Chips to take control of living humans, one example is Judy Young, who serves him as a maid. Price revived one of the virus researchers, and gets the formula. Rick Young arrives to price's bunker and wants to cut a deal between independent dead and the living. Price agrees only because their goal is the same, to stop Evil Ernie. 

Evil Starting WWIII 
In the final battle against Evil, Price releases the virus, killing dead ones, both allies and enemies alike. Price and Rick infiltrate the Norad compound where evil plans to launch all nuclear arsenal of America. But they are too late; evil released all the warheads, and created worldwide nuclear war. Price shoots human Ernest to weaken Evil Ernie, and then they battle to the end, while the bombs are dropping. 

However, unknowing to Price: Mary Young has planted a nuclear warhead into the building, and set it on a timer. Evil Ernie being superhuman kills Leonard Price and makes him one of the dead ones, just before Mary's nuclear warhead goes off. Soon after that, Armageddon is defeated and uncreation wave follows. It is unknown if Leonard Price was recreated or not.

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