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With a high sense of justice, Leon McNichol was driven to join the regular police forces in Mega-Tokyo right out of high school. However, his career path took an unexpected detour when he ran into a rogue female Boomer which almost killed him.

Afterwards, he immediately applied to the AD Police which is specially tasked to handle Boomer related crimes and rampages and spent several years as a Frontline Officer before he was promoted to the rank of Inspector. He is now the highest ranking field officer of the AD Police.

McNichol is extremely well admired among the AD Police ranks as being one of their own; having come up from the "grunts" before becoming an officer, which few actually accomplish. The bureaucrats are less than thrilled with him for his occasional tantrums and ignoring the rules and protocol; particularly his tendency to get in the face of various Genom executives. He has also become well known for his heroic actions among the citizens of Mega-Tokyo during a few Boomer incidents and secretly, he is a big fan of the Knight Sabers and has bent the law in their favor on more than one occasion.

He also harbors a big crush on Priss Asagiri and has figured out her alter ego as a member of the Knight Sabers, but has kept it a secret from his superiors.

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